Newsmax CEO says coverage is inaccurate, with no evidence of election fraud

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy acknowledged that the channel’s post-election coverage was inaccurate, but defended the output by merely providing people’s opinions.

Ruddy was interviewed on the Peacock side The Mehdi Hasan Lecture about how he can substantiate the theories of misinformation and conspiracy broadcast in the network that have seen an increase in Donald Trump’s viewership and praise.

Hasan accused NewsmaxPost-election reporting is like “looking at a parallel universe” while continuing to spread controversial allegations about widespread voter fraud. refuted the theory that Dominion Voting Systems is a huge nuisance liked Joe Biden and the suggestion that Trump could still be president in January.

Hasan played a “particularly ridiculous” clip from Diamond and Silk who appear Newsmax despite being separated from Fox News for disseminating conspiracy theories COVID-19 epidemics.

Below the clip are Diamond and Silk, real names Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson say “Chinese virus” and “Chinese virus”scandalous“are linked to the Democratic general election plan.

“Given that you’ve been a journalist for Chris for more than 30 years, do you feel embarrassed to run such nonsense on your network and call it news?” Hasan asked.

“As with any network, and networks you’ve been involved in, there are a lot of opinion leaders and they have all sorts of things that I don’t sign up for,” Ruddy replied.

“I believe in free discourse, I believe that people have opinions. We’re not saying that’s accurate.”

Hasan then he interrupted Ruddy to ask him, “Aren’t you saying your own shows are accurate?” to which it does not respond.

“We did everything we could to say we had no evidence that the Dominion software had been tampered with in any way,” Ruddy continues.

“We report what people say like the Trump campaign, we don’t necessarily accept it.”

Hasan then asks when history looks back on this “non-democratic moment” when many Republicans tried to “destroy free and fair elections” to Newsmax would be “proud” of what they chose to broadcast.

Hasan example of the press conference of the recently dismissed lawyer Trump, Sydney Powell, who is accused of QAnon and suggested that former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013, set up Dominion Voting Systems to help hold elections in Biden.

“A prominent lawyer who filed this. He was an American lawyer. Again, I think the public can make the decision for you, and not me, about the quality of the information he provides and whether it is legitimate.”

Hasan tweed is an interview clip that has been viewed more than 200,000 times since then.

Newsmax Christopher Ruddy, CEO of the media, will have dinner with the US president and business leaders Bedminster, New Jersey, August 7, 2018.