Newsom, quarantine family after COVID-19 exposure

Governor of California Gavin NewsomOne of the children of Governor Newsom quarantines after possible exposure to COVID-19 No thanks, Dr. Fauci Biden administration needs to restore, strengthen consumer protection (D) announced on Sunday that he would isolate himself with his family after the governor’s three children contacted a California highway patrolman who had a positive result for the coronavirus.

The Newsom office said the family was informed of the exposure on Friday and tested on Sunday morning. While the tests have been negative, the Newsom office says the family continues to be tested regularly, the Los Angeles Times wrote.

“We are grateful for all the officers who keep our family safe and for all the front workers who continue to work during the pandemic,” Newsom said in a Sunday tweet. The highway patrol provides protection services to the state’s first family.

According to the governor’s office, health professionals advise them to wait for the test until Sunday. The tests took place shortly after another classmate of the governor’s four children was positive for the virus. According to the Newsom office, the child in question also received a negative result but was quarantined.

The governor apologized last week after attending a birthday party at a consultant at a Napa Valley restaurant. Current state guidelines call on Californians to avoid private gathering of people from more than three households.

“As I sat down at the bigger table, I realized it was a slightly larger group than I expected and did something wrong,” Newsom later said. “Instead of sitting down, I should have stood up, walked back, sat in my car, and drove back to my house.”

In California, cases of coronavirus nearly doubled in a two-week period in November, and about 94 percent of residents are currently at the purple level, the state’s most stringent virus policy.