NFL Week 11: Matt Patricia’s session is on fire when lions get “F”, rams get “A-” for harassing the Buccaneers

If the Lions front office was looking for a reason to fire Matt Patricia, they might have found one on Sunday. In one of the worst performances of any team of the season, the lions seemed to have simply given up on Patricia during the team’s 20-0 defeat to the Carolina Panthers.

If you’re wondering what Patricia’s warm meeting in Detroit is like, just open the oven before you cook your turkey for Thanksgiving and you’ll have a good idea. In this awkward loss, the attack was unable to move the ball, the defense was unable to stop the former XFL quarterback (PJ Walker), and all this led to the lions being ruled out for the first time since 2009.

The mistakes started early for Detroit, with one of the ugliest shots fired in the first quarter from Frank Ragnow to Matthew Stafford. In the game, Ragnow jumped briefly to the snap, and Stafford – who had been dealing with a sore thumb all week – simply couldn’t hold it, and eventually the Panthers became the ball.

If a piece embodied Lions Day, it certainly was.

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It was almost a blessing for Stafford that the click didn’t get to him, because whenever the ball fell into his hand, it was destroyed. The lions ’quarterback was fired five times and the Panthers’ defense was under constant pressure, making the lions ’offensive line look like a round at a concert where all tickets were free.

The Lions simply couldn’t do anything about the crime, and a few times when they did, Patricia killed the shoots by paddling. On two consecutive runs in the second quarter, the lions POINED the ball from Carolina. Patricia should have had some faith in her crime and left because, in the worst case, she returned it to the Panthers ’crime, led by a former XFL QB. Instead, he tinkered both times, and the Lions never threatened the touchdown in this game.

The Lions never reached the red zone and drove into Carolina’s 30-yard line only once. It was a game that lions had to win and fell on their faces.

The lions sat on Sunday at 4-5 and even seemed to have an outside shot when they returned to the NFC playoffs, but that won’t happen now. The only question that seems to have remained in Detroit is whether Patricia will survive the season or not.

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New Orleans 24-9 over Atlanta

Washington 20–9 over Cincinnati

Cleveland 22-17 over Philadelphia

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Dallas 31-28 over Minnesota

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Indianapolis 34-31 over Green Bay

LA Chargers 34-28 over the NY Jets

Kansas City 35-31 over Las Vegas

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LA Rams 27-24 over Tampa Bay