– No fake news: Biden and Harris get into a “very normal” interview with Jake Tapper

“There can be no more extreme practice, in sharp contrast between the current resident of the White House and the next resident of the White House. And I think our country will be better in terms of the outcome of the election and the election of Joe Biden as president.”

The “sharp contrast” is even more evident when Biden and Harris speak to the press. Thursday represented the couple’s first joint interview and aired as CNN’s prime time at 9 p.m.

Immediately after the interview, Tapper spoke to 22-hour presenter Don Lemon, who said, “It feels like watching an elected and a president who are on the first and second lands. And on this particular Earth that is in reality, it’s very normal , it was very calm.And it was welcome news.It was good to watch.It was really good to get content.We did not hear false news.We did not hear conspiracy theories.We did not hear personal grievances.We heard an Elected President and Vice President who want to work with the other party . “

“No false news:” That’s the benchmark now, as Trump regularly lies to his questioners, even to super fans like Maria Bartiromo.

Tapper told Lemon that a Biden interview is significantly different from a Trump interview: He said with Biden, “you don’t really have to steel yourself for a potential reaction when it comes up with uncomfortable topics,” than when you asked Tapper about Biden’s family about disagreements between Biden and Harris. .

“It just wasn’t the attack we’re used to on the fourth estate. So it was unusual.”

Biden says Trump should put America first

Towards the end of the interview, Tapper said, “President Trump has not yet said whether he will be involved in his inauguration. Do you consider it important to be there?” Tapper pointed out that Biden chuckled at the question.

“I think that would be – only in one sense important, not in a personal sense,” Biden said. “It is important in the sense that we are able to present the end of this chaos he has created that there is a peaceful transfer of power with the rival parties standing there, holding hands and moving forward. I think that is important.”

In other words, Biden considers it important for America. He thinks Trump should do “America first.” Right?

Five notable quotes

“In light of Biden’s inherited crises, Tapper asked,” How does it feel … what emotion is going on through you? ” The first words from Biden’s mouth were, “I was determined.”

– In connection with the Covid-19 crisis, Biden said he was asking Americans to wear a mask for “a hundred days.”
– On Harris Bidendel’s working relationship: “We are full partners in this process.”

– Biden said Americans will not see “politics through tweets” once they take office.

– Biden said that “it reaches not only the communities that support me, but also those that have not supported me. I really understand, because I think a lot of people are just scared and think they have fallen behind and forgotten. In this effort, we will not forget anyone. “This returns to the ‘sharp contrast’ described by Harris.”