No shot to Glenbrook Square, the mall is open

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (NB Way of Fort Wayne) – Police responded to the Glenbrook Square Mall on Friday afternoon after reports of brawls and shots.

Currently, the Fort Wayne NBC News staff can confirm that the mall and authorities have made everything clear.

A video obtained by police reveals that a group of men fought outside Forever21 when a gun was pulled.

Police called SWAT and negotiators to deal with the case and a full evacuation was carried out.

Police said no mussel shells, victims or suspects were found in the mall.

Earlier, police asked people in the public to avoid the entire area of ​​the mall and parking lot at such times.

They say if the mall is cleaned, they go back and look for evidence and suspect clues.

Authorities say the mall has reopened and is open during normal hours.

This is an evolving story, check for updates.