“No way”: Murkowski rules out a change of party

Murkowski is awaiting re-election in 2022, and some of the real moderators left in the Senate include Susan Collins (R-Maine), Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), And Joe Manchin (DW.Va.). He previously stated that if the GOP continues to remain Trump’s party, it may not know how it fits. He also called on Trump to resign.

He said after losing his 2010 preselection from a conservative fire department, he spoke to the Libertarian Party about running under their ticket. But his response was, “Thank you, but no thanks. I do not fly flags of convenience. He won the general election with an impressive entry campaign.

“Now some Republicans will say you’re not really among us.” Let’s define: What is the Republican Party today? Now I have an interview for you. But where are we, the Republican Party, really? Who really exemplifies the heart of the party now? ”He said on Friday. “In many ways, we’re a party that’s really fighting for identification.”

Murkowski said many people in his state did not like Trump’s style, but supported his policies, especially in support of energy research. Alaska has long been plunged by the economic slowdown, and Murkowski says the suspension of Biden’s energy exploration permits is causing him “a lot of heartburn”.

In 2001, Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords switched from the GOP to the Democratic Party after several months of the Senate division cast a majority for Democrats. There seems to be no such switch this time.

“No matter how shattered things are on the Republican side, there’s no way you can call me to move on to the other side, it’s not me,” Murkowski said.

His remarks mean the Senate is likely to remain closed with a 50-50 tie for two years until some unpredictable retirement or event. Collins also repeatedly ruled out electoral changes and re-elected the Republican six-year term.

Nevertheless, it is clear that Murkowski has serious reservations about the direction of the GOP, as Trump is expected to captivate a significant portion of the Republican Party for years to come. He said he didn’t vote for Trump because “he wants to vote yes for someone. I don’t want to vote for people I don’t feel confident, strong and good at. I don’t want to accept the lesser of the two bad ones.