North Carolina is joining another 37 states and is filing an anti-competitive lawsuit against Google

RALEIGH – North Carolina and 37 other states filed a lawsuit against Internet giant Google on Thursday, citing “illegal, anti-competitive behavior”.

NC Attorney General Josh Stein has been suing Google for months after investigating his business practices.

Last week, Stein joined the attorney general of virtually every other state during the Facebook lawsuit.

About Google, Stein remarked before filing the lawsuit, “Last year, it’s all the United States [Department of Justice] and public prosecutors examined Google’s anti-competitive market behavior separately but in parallel. We appreciate the strong bilateral cooperation between the states and the good working relationship with the DOJ on these serious issues. “

New York Attorney General Letitia James is at the head of a new Google lawsuit that follows a similar lawsuit from a smaller group of states, including the state of Texas.

“Google sits at the crossroads of many areas of our digital economy and has used its dominance to illegally squeeze competitors, monitor almost every aspect of our digital lives, and profit to the power of billions,” James said in a lawsuit announcement.

“With its illegal behavior, the company has ensured that hundreds of millions of people turn to Google for the first time when they are looking for an answer, but we don’t need an internet search to understand: uncontrolled corporate power should not disproportionately control our data. and information. For decades, Google has acted as the gatekeeper of the internet, using our weapons to capture our data to destroy competitors and control our decision-making – as a result, we all pay more for the services we use every day, ”he added.

Summarizing the lawsuit, James’ office explained:

“Through foreclosure and other anti-competitive behavior, Google has deprived consumers of competition, which could lead to more choice and innovation, as well as better data protection. Attorney General James and the coalition also accuse Google of taking advantage of its market position to turn to the accumulation and use of data to the detriment of consumers, all in order to control the market and make billions in profits. “

The lawsuit can be read online.

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