NYC is urging COVID to stay home, wear a mask inside

A New York City chief physician on Tuesday warned that those vulnerable to COVID-19, as well as their households and caregivers, should stay home whenever possible – and always “wear a mask.”

Urging what corresponds to the group’s own second-ordered closure, the de Blasio government said in a statement: “The city’s health commissioner will give immediate advice to elderly adults and people who are in a state of health and at increased risk of severe COVID is a risk-related illness to restrict activities outside the home, other than leaving home to travel to work or school, or for essential purposes, including medical care, shopping for food, or pharmacy needs.

“Counseling also applies to members of the household and carers of these individuals,” the statement said.

“For those covered by this advice, they should always wear face shield both indoors and outdoors,” the statement said.

Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi
Dave Chokshi, NYC health commissioner
Michael Appleton / NYC Mayor’s Office

“In addition, to limit our interactions with other people as much as possible, we recommend that those affected by the counselor do not stay with guests in their homes except the necessary caregivers and avoid traveling inside and outside New York,” the statement said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who appeared at Tuesday’s press conference alongside city health commissioner Dave Chokshi and other city officials, said the city’s latest daily positive test rate is 5.7 percent, nearly one percentage point above the warning threshold.

“We’re struggling with everything we’ve got against this second.” [coronavirus] a wave affecting us, ”Hizzoner said. “Today we will make it very clear that new measures need to be taken to protect the most vulnerable.”

Chokshi added, “This is an escalation [in cases]unfortunately, it follows a tragically familiar path.

“Cases are growing, hospitalizations are following and – unfortunately – leading to too many critical illnesses or even death.”

He said more than 1,100 COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized in the city – more than double the figure three weeks ago and the highest since June.

Mitch Katz, CEO of City Health + Hospitals, said the city’s 11 public hospitals are filled with about two-thirds of the intensive care units, as are their surgery departments.

Still, “We’re not flooded in any of our 11 hospitals,” Katz said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was later asked by a reporter about his warning to the city’s vulnerable population, replied, “This is not a restriction.

“There is no restriction on leaving people over the age of 70,” Cuomo said. “New York City offered guidance and advice that is the same advice and guidance that we issued and they issued, and every expert has issued it from the beginning.

“Senior citizens need to be vigilant, those over 70 need to be vigilant,” Cuomo said.

– You’re 70, you can do anything in life. My advice: Be careful. … You are not locked up in your own home.