NYT: Perry played role in alleged Trump plan to oust actor AG

Pennsylvania Rep. Scott PerryScott Gordon Perry Democrats are fining unmasked lawmakers on the house floor. An increasing number of MEPs are showing positive results for COVID-19 after the New York Democrats say the Capitol siege has received a coronavirus from the Capitol siege MORE (R) played a key role in his earlier alleged plan President TrumpDonald Trump McCarthy said Marjorie Taylor told Greene that she did not agree with the indictment against Biden Biden, Trudeau agrees to meet next month Jeffrey Rosen was then appointed chief prosecutor to overthrow Georgia’s election results, according to a report in The New York Times on Saturday.

The outlet reported that Perry, who voted earlier this month in addition to objecting to the election results At the Pennsylvania and Arizona Congress, he coordinated the introduction between Trump and Jeffrey Clark, acting head of the civilian division of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Clark was reportedly susceptible to Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was “stolen” from him.

The times initially reported on Friday that Trump had sought to do so change it With Rosen Clark, after Rosen refused to support Trump’s controversial allegations that the presidential election was caused by widespread voter fraud. Former officials from four Trump administrations told the newspaper that the act of replacing Rosen had failed after DOJ officials uncovered the plan and threatened mass resignation.

On Saturday, the Times reported that, according to former Trump administration officials, Clark informed the attorney general in late December of a meeting with the former president mediated by Perry.

The Times noted that it is unclear how Perry originally met Clark and how much they knew each other before meeting with the former president. Both the President and Clark allegedly had several direct telephone conversations.

Ministry of Justice officials were reportedly surprised by these interactions, as Clark had not previously alerted Rosen. The agency’s policies state that the president must first communicate with the Attorney General or the Deputy Attorney General in all DOJ cases.

According to the Times, former officials said Perry and Clark discussed a plan for the Department of Justice to send a letter to lawmakers in the state of Georgia stating an ongoing investigation into voter fraud that could overturn the state’s election results. The two men then discussed the alleged plan with Trump.

However, Rosen allegedly refused to send the letter.

Former officials informed of the case told the Times that the Department of Justice had conducted dozens of investigations into voter fraud, none of which led to findings that would have changed the election results.

He turned to Hill Perry’s office to comment on the Times report.

Sen. Richard DurbinDick DurbinDay Night Health Care – Fauci: Lack of Facts “Probably” Lives in Coronavir Fight | CDC changes COVID-19 vaccination guide, allowing Pfizer, Moderna footage to rarely mix Senate chaos could slow Biden’s agenda Hillicon Valley: Intelligence agency collects location data from US smartphones without commands, note notes | Democrats seek answer to impact of Russian hack on DOJ, courts Airbnb is offering assistance to the Biden administration in distributing vaccines. Democrats are looking for an answer to the impact of the Russian cyber attack on the Ministry of Justice (Dill.), the justice chairman of the justice committee sent a letter to the DOJ on Saturday informing the agency that it was investigating Trump and Clark’s alleged efforts, “so that Trump’s further efforts to use the Department of Justice would be aimed at overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election.”

Majority leader of the Senate Charles SchumerChuck Schumer Sharing, conquering, uniting, and prospering roe is not enough: Why black women want the end of the Hyde Modified National Guard inside the Capitol after MORE (DN.Y.) is called on the DOJ’s internal oversight to investigate Trump the Times reported on Friday that it tweeted on SaturdayUnconscious, the head of the Trump Department of Justice is conspiring on the will of the people. ”

“The Inspector General of the Department of Justice must now launch an investigation into the sedimentation attempt,” Schumer added.

Schumer went on to say that the Senate will “move forward” with a prosecution trial against Trump for his role in the deadly riot in the Capitol on Jan. 6. Setting up the trial begins on February 8.