Oath Keeper, accused of Capitol rioting, says he once worked for the FBI and has a security check

Caldwell, 65, raised the resume in a new petition, arguing that he would be released from prison after the Justice Department convinced the judge that it should be complied with until his trial.

Caldwell’s lawyer wrote in Monday’s submission that Caldwell “has had a top-secret security license since 1979 and has undergone several special background checks to support his license.”

CNN contacted the FBI, which did not comment immediately.

The Department of Justice has not responded yet, and Caldwell’s request is set to be answered in court later in the week.

This comes when several Capitol riot defendants in federal court have challenged the detention of judges, or saw the Department of Justice call for their detention, and while federal investigators are among right-wing paramilitary political activists and extremist groups, they work for matters. with which Caldwell is allegedly connected, according to his indictment.

Caldwell had previously said he was a veteran in the court proceedings and repeated this to a Washington judge on Monday. Caldwell’s attorney also denied in the pleading that he would be a juror, arguing that prosecutors had no evidence that he was in the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

In the days leading up to the riots, Caldwell wrote on Facebook that he responded to the group’s alleged call to action: “I swore to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies. in fact, they openly cheated the elections and paid the political caste. Now we have to beat them and chase them down, “according to his indictment, where two other allegedly linked paramilitary groups are being linked.

He wrote about “night hunting” in Washington and “friends of Oath Keeper in North Carolina,” prosecutors said. He is accused by the Grand Jury of conspiracy, destruction of government property, entry into restricted areas of the Capitol, and obstruction of formal proceedings, citing a congressional session that justifies Joe Biden’s election as president.

During the siege, prosecutors say Caldwell wrote “Inside” via Facebook. He is also said to have made selfies on the balcony around the Capitol district.

At the previous detention trial, the judge called his January 6 actions “pure lawlessness.”

CNN’s Christina Carrega contributed to the report.