Obama criticizes Trump for response to pandemic: ‘It’s not rocket science’

He was criticized by former President Obama President TrumpDonald John Trump, Minnesota justifies the Biden victory on Tuesday for its response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

During an interview with “The Late Show with Stephen ColbertStephen Tyrone Colbert: Obama Sitting in an Interview with Stephen Colbert Hugh Grant revealed that he was a COVID-19: “My eyeball felt about three sizes too big” Colbert choked on Trump’s briefing, “I didn’t expect it to break my heart” MORE“Obama said dealing with the pandemic could have been difficult for anyone to handle. However, he noted that Canada’s mortality rate, which is lower than the United States, shows what could have been in the United States.

“Take Canada, where the mortality rate is 39 percent for us per capita, right? This is the yardstick if we had done the work, it is not rocket science, we are not talking about inventing vaccines. I’m glad to see the vaccinations now arriving on board.

“Effective communication in advance, respecting science. He doesn’t undermine the country’s leading epidemiologist and say he’s an idiot, ”Obama added. “To be constant about masks and social distancing, not suggesting that it’s some kind of repression, but rather just common sense to prevent people from getting sick.”

Obama also said these steps would have saved more lives and that people would have felt more confident in making daily decisions.

“If we had just taken these steps, there is no doubt we would have saved lives,” Obama said. “And ironically, the economy would be better because we wouldn’t swing back and forth with our existing ways and people would feel more confident in making daily decisions about shopping or going out. ”

Trump repeatedly underestimated the coronavirus epidemic and missed White House coronavirus task force meetings. He also called on Americans with his allies to oppose new directives aimed at curbing pre-winter spread.

It was first reported in March that the Obama administration traversed the incoming administration through a hypothetical scenario in which an epidemic worse than the Spanish flu of 1918 closed cities like Seoul and London in early 2017.

Obama later raised him on the election campaign of the president-elect Joe BidenJoe Biden Minnesota justifies Biden’s victory Trump tells Allies to plan grace at his mercy for Michael Flynn: Biden reports staff spoke to Fauci: “He was very, very helpful.”.

“We literally left the White House pandemic book,” Obama said he said at an October meeting In Philadelphia. “They probably used it, I don’t know, they’re putting a swaying table somewhere.”