Obama: Republicans portraying white people as “victims” helped Trump win votes | Barack Obama

Barack Obama said the reason 73 million Americans voted to re-elect Donald Trump in the election was a message from Republicans that the country, especially white men, is being attacked.

In an interview with the Morning Club radio show on Wednesday, he promised a new promise: A land of promise, Obama said the Trump administration, which he did not directly name, “objectively failed and failed miserably in the basic care of the American people and kept them safe,” and yet millions of votes. acquired.

“I’m always interested in the extent you’ve seen in Republican politics set up in the sense that white men are victims,” Obama said. “They are being attacked – which is obviously not exhausted in terms of both history and data and the economy. But it’s an honest belief they’ve internalized, it’s a story they tell and how they dissolve themselves that won’t be something that happens right away. “

Later, one of the show’s hosts, DJ Envy, asked Obama how he would react to criticism from black people and other colorful communities who don’t think he’s complied with them.

“I understand, because when they were elected, there was so much excitement and hope, and I also think we generally see the presidency as almost a monarchy in the sense that once the president is there, he can only do what he needs to do. to do it, and if it doesn’t, it has to be because it didn’t want to do it, ”Obama said.

Envy challenged Obama and claimed Trump was behaving exactly that way.

“Because it violates laws or disregards the constitution,” Obama said. “The good news for me was that I was very confident in what I did for the black people because I have the statistics to prove it.”

Obama continued to highlight how his policy is to increase black people’s incomes, reduce poverty, and increase access to health care.

“The issue is that sometimes we just didn’t advertise this because here too, the goal is to build coalitions where everyone gets something so they all feel like they have a stake,” Obama said. “But many of my policies were aimed at those most in need. These people are disproportionately African American.

Obama also spoke about the role of the public and Congress in change. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s presidency has blocked a significant portion of the Obama administration’s efforts in the Republican-controlled Senate in recent years.

A similar fate awaits President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, Obama warned. It is not known which party will control the Senate until the two Georgian election results scheduled for January 5 are achieved.

“If Republicans win these two seats, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not be able to pass a law that Mitch McConnell and other Republicans will not go through,” Obama said.

That was the only mention Obama made of the incoming president, who sparked a debate in social media in May after saying in an interview with the breakfast club, “If you’re having trouble figuring out if it’s for me or Trump, you’re not black.

Later that day, Biden apologized, “No one, no one has to vote for any party based on race, religion, or origin.”