Obama says some Republicans are saying “white people are victims”

Former President Barack Obama said he said President Trump had garnered more than 73 million votes in this election cycle, not because of politics, but because some Republicans support the narrative of “white man victims”.

On the syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Obama said on Wednesday, “I’m always interested in the extent you have created in Republican politics in the sense that white men are victims.”

The country’s 44th president continued to remark: “They are being attacked – which is obviously not a joke in terms of history, data and economy. But it’s an honest belief that’s internalized, it’s a story that’s told, and that you turn it off, that it’s not something that is done right away, but it takes a while. “

Obama said in an interview that the Trump administration “at the time of the coronavirus epidemic” was a major failure to care for and keep the American people safe. ”Nevertheless, Trump fought a competitive fight against President-elect Joe Biden, Obama said, because millions felt under democratic attack ”.

“It turns out that politics is not just about politics, not just about numbers, but about stories told,” the former president said.


The show later hosted DJ Envy asked Obama to respond to those who said he hadn’t done enough for the colorful people in his office. Obama blamed congressional obstacles.

“I understand, because when they were elected, there was so much excitement and hope, and I also think we generally see the presidency as almost a monarchy in the sense that once the president is there, he can only do what he needs to do. to do it, and if you don’t, it has to be because you didn’t want to do it, ”Obama replied.

Envy argued that this was Trump’s behavior.

“Because it violates laws or disregards the constitution,” Obama replied.


In the same interview, Obama fired a shot at the Lutheran Spaniards who voted for Trump.

“People were surprised by many Spaniards who voted for Trump, but there are many Lutheran Spaniards who think this is less important than supporting their views on homosexual marriage or abortion,” Obama said.

Trump said he was pro-life, but never expressed opposition to gay marriage.

Trump surprised political observers by the fact that from 2016 to 2016, participation with Spanish voters improved, resulting in significant victories in states with significant Spanish populations such as Texas and Florida.

Some critics attacked Obama because they viewed their opinion as a divisive remark, reminding voters of the “bitter” working class in 2008 who “cling” to guns and religion. Others noted that his “cages,” to which he referred about the Trump government’s family segregation policy, were built during his presidency.

Meanwhile, Biden tried to convince the Obama administration, telling NBC News that the White House would not be “Obama’s third term”.


“This is not a third Obama term because we are facing a completely different world than the one we faced before the Obama-Biden government,” Biden said. “President Trump changed the landscape, becoming ‘America first,’ which meant America alone.”