On the east coast there is snow, heavy rains in the first major storm system of autumn

CNN meteorologist Haley Brink says roughly 15 million people from Louisiana to North Carolina today are threatened by severe weather.

Above average temperatures are rising north of the Gulf of Mexico ahead of the weather forecast. Unstable air in the system leads to the risk of harmful winds, isolated tornadoes and heavy rain. For many, the amount of precipitation can reach up to 3 inches, isolating a higher amount, which can lead to lightning floods in the areas.

The system will further strengthen the east coast’s upward path on Monday, spreading the threat of severe storms in the mid-Atlantic and heavy rainfall in the north-east.

“Some parts of the United States will even produce snow when we start the new work week. We expect 2-4 inches of snow for the Great Lakes, 8 inches of rain near Lake Erie. There will be light snow and thunderstorms on the cards at Appalachian. islands and the southeast. It’s not just limited to the Great Lakes, ”Brink said.

This is because the system causes cold, wintery air to condense from Canada. This will be the lowest level of mercury for many since last winter, resulting in temperatures about 20 degrees lower this time of year.

Not even Florida is spared the cold. The air in the Sunny State is capable of a little bite in the middle of the week, from the afternoon peaks of the weekend 80s to the early morning temperatures of Wednesday’s 30s and 40s.

The winter officially begins on Monday, December 21st.