On Twitter spit with Ivanka Trump, CNN Tapper offsets market forces for lower emissions

CNN’s anchor, Jake Tapper, noted that declining carbon emissions in the United States were due to market forces, not government policy. White House adviser Ivanka Trump spat on Twitter on Tuesday.

The strife began when a White House chief adviser released a recent finding from the Environment Agency: “FACT: U.S.-produced greenhouse gases are slipping 9.2% this year and falling to their lowest level in at least three decades.”

However, Tapper noted that such a decline was due to the coronavirus epidemic that disrupted travel for much of the year.

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“This was largely due to the epidemic and the economic catastrophe it caused.” The biggest drop in emissions this year came from the transport sector, where emissions fell by 14 per cent, driven by a sharp drop in air and highways. “Tapper tweeted.

He added, “Some important detail,” sharing a link to the Washington Post’s report.

Ivanka Trump stepped back, pointing out that carbon emissions in 2019 were “the lowest since 1992” and that per capita emissions were lower, “at least ever since 1950”.


In other words, carbon emissions fell before the pandemic hit the nation.

Tapper apparently agreed to his fact, but he also moved the goalpost.

“Ah, so we’re talking about last year now? Okay, yeah, that’s true. Then why was that?” Tapper asked before quoting Inside Climate News. “” The story of the reduction in emissions was largely one of the market forces – not policies – that led utilities to shut down coal-fired power plants for cheaper natural gas and renewable energy. “

Critics have piled on CNN’s anchor because they inadvertently credit the free market for reducing carbon emissions rather than government intervention.

“It’s actually awesome,” reacted to Daily Wire’s editor-in-chief, Emily Zanotti.

“Capitalism wins again!” cried Noam Blum of Tablet Magazine.

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“It’s almost like the private sector lets you deal with the problem, like huge globalist agreements …” said David Marcus, the federalist correspondent.

“It’s mostly natural gas, Jake, whose left-hand cracking is to ban drilling. But hey, you’re doing it,” radio presenter Derek Hunter told the anchor.

“It’s a well-founded argument for government solutions instead of free-market solutions,” concluded Joe Cunningham, chief editor of RedState.