Only Trump Warped Reality Succeeds Vaccine Management | Donald Trump

Donald Trump is leaving his office exactly as he entered: catastrophically clueless about the functioning of his own government and country.

You might think that after battling most of his last year of office with a historic epidemic, the unfortunate and hopeless resident of the Oval Office would have gained some experience.

But not. We are here, on the verge of introducing a new vaccine, and the soon-to-be ex-president cannot get around the job.

It’s as if this extraordinary triumph of global science has suppressed not only the novel’s coronavirus, but a lifelong, big-mouthed real estate development game.

Trump ran in the role of the successful businessman he played for the apprentice. He ran for re-election as a successful manager of the economy. So far, people playing political experts on TV have argued that Trump has some magical ability in stage works that captivates the crowd.

But apart from his incessant tweeting, he wasn’t a theatrical or business genius. Trump has always relied on his TV producers – Mark Burnett on NBC or Roger Ailes on Fox News – to make his performance semi-coherent.

In his final days at the White House, the trump card team of the executive leading the business-like White House withered. As well as all election lawsuits brought by an elite team of part-time lawyers and full-time lawyers.

After throwing billions of dollars at the so-called “Warp Speed” operation, you might think that our own boardroom genius keeps every last drop of vaccination in a lockbox. If so, you would be wrong again.

For some reason, this Starship Enterprise has decided not to purchase 100 million doses of the successful Pfizer vaccine, despite the company offering them until next spring. The United States, which is slower than the chain speed, will now have to wait until summer for additional doses of the single vaccine, with direct FDA approval.

This would normally be treated as a political blow that would humiliate any elected official or decision-maker. But long ago, this president suffered from a rare viral infection that chemically neutralized any sense of public shame or personal responsibility.

So on Tuesday, he organized a “supporters summit” at the White House with his own supporters and staff, where he signed an enforcement order in which he tried to prevent all vaccines from leaving the country. Think of it as a wall of fire that stretches across the southern boundary of Trump’s brain.

“My administration has provided a total of $ 14 billion to accelerate the development of vaccines and produce all of the key candidates – well in advance,” he said. “As a result of this unprecedented investment, we are extremely proud that both Pfizer and Moderna have announced that their vaccines are about 95% effective, a number that no one expected to be able to get, far surpassing anything that actually what – that anyone thought.

Anyway, Trump’s expectations for vaccine efficacy are clinically proven to be infinitely low. It’s no problem that Pfizer didn’t develop its vaccine with the resources of Operation Warp Speed. It’s okay that neither Pfizer nor Moderna refused to show up at the “vaccine summit”.

This is Trump’s last day, and after four years of Operation Mind Warp, it’s hard to adjust our normal concepts.

“But it was incredible,” the commander of the space force continued, “no, its creator.” – And that’s the end of the epidemic. It will put an end to the epidemic. And we work with other nations. As you can see on today’s screen, we are working very closely with other nations to get vaccinations to other nations as well. And this is very important. We work with the world. We work with the world. We have great companies and we work with the world. “

Without skipping a beat or starting a single synapse, Trump further explained the execution order he wanted to sign to make sure no vaccinations would go to other nations. Screw in the rest of the world.

“In a few minutes, I will sign an enforcement order to ensure that the U.S. government takes precedence over the withdrawal of the vaccine over U.S. citizens before it is sent to other nations.”

It’s easy to miss these kinds of power disturbances in real time. But earlier on Tuesday, there were gifts that said no part of the Trump ship was traveling at the speed of light. Or even sound.

First, the chief scientific adviser for Operation Warp Speed ​​told ABC News he had no idea about the executive order. “Honestly, I don’t know, and honestly I miss it,” Moncef Slaoui said. – I can’t comment.

– You do not know? asked sincerely disbelieving George Stephanopoulos.

“I don’t really know,” said the chief scientific adviser.

A little later, a statement came in, not from health or vaccination-related individuals, but from Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien.

“President Trump has no higher priority than protecting our nation, and by implementing this action, we will ensure the health of our citizens, strengthen our economy, and enhance our national security,” he wrote. “Today’s action was only possible with the firm and determined leadership of President Trump.”

How true. There was the strong and determined leadership that promised that the pandemic would disappear like a miracle. There was a strong and determined leadership that suggested that the nation give itself a bleach or give a strong light to the virus.

And now there’s the strong and determined leadership that has spent $ 14 billion on inadequate vaccinations. The same strong and determined leadership that tried to disguise the tremendous torment with an enforcement order that screams America First while the rest of the world buys first.

Say what you love about the captain on the bridge, but he boldly goes where the president hasn’t been before.