Oregon Governor Kate Brown Encourages Residents to Call Neighbor Police in Violation of COVID Rules

Oregon Governor Kate Brown encourages residents to call police to any neighbor who frustrates COVID-19 restrictions, which include restricting home gatherings to a maximum of six people.

“It’s no different than what happens when there’s a party on the street and it keeps everyone awake,” Brown said in a Friday interview. “What the neighbors are doing [in that case]? They call law enforcement because it’s too noisy. This is exactly what it is. It’s like violating a noise ordinance.

Last week, the Democratic governor introduced a new round of restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of the coronavirus in the state through an enforcement order, including a two-week “freeze” that limits indoor and outdoor gatherings to six people in up to two households just before Thanksgiving.

Residents are prohibited from eating in restaurants and going to the gym, although religious gatherings are held for up to 25 people indoors and 50 people outdoors.

Violators can be sentenced to 30 days in prison, a $ 1,250 fine, or both.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement on Friday that “we cannot arrest or enforce a way out of the epidemic.”

“We believe both are counterproductive to public health goals.”

Brown backed down and called criticisms of the new restrictions “irresponsible.”

“It’s about saving lives and protecting our Oregonian peers,” he said. “We have too many sporadic cases in Oregon. We cannot lead these cases to a specific source. We need to limit gatherings and social interactions. “

On Sunday, new COVID-19 cases reached record levels in the state on the third straight day, with 1,517 new infections registered, bringing the state to a total of 65,170.

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