Oregon Mink Farm reports the COVID-19 epidemic

The COVID-19 epidemic broke out between Oregon mink farm workers and animals Statesman Journal. A spokesman for the Oregon Department of Agriculture declined to comment on how many cases were reported, but said the farm in question is home to about 12,000 animals. “It was so predictable,” said Lori Ann Burd of the Center for Biodiversity. “We will certainly monitor the agency to ask for answers and find out what they are doing to alleviate the epidemic and the risk to public health.” The farm was quarantined on November 23, so no animals or animal products could leave the site. On the same day, the Oregon Health Authority asked workers for self-isolation.

Denmark recently killed a staggering 17 million mothers after 12 people were infected with a mutated strain of COVID-19 that spread from mink to humans. The exterminated mothers reportedly began to rise from their mass graves.

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