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Otto Warmbier and Donald Trump with a shocking, shameful face

"We are a strong witness to a threat that threatens our world, and our fort is inspiring us all," said Trump, addressing Warmbier's parents under the title of EU 2018. "Tonight we promise to honor Otto's memory with an American solution." In the same speech, he added: "We only need to look at the failed nature of the North Korean regime to understand what nuclear threat could be to America and our allies."
Quickly on Thursday in Hanoi, at a summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Trump said about Warmbier and North Korea: "He says he doesn't know about him and I'll catch him." "Trump added that Kim felt bad. He felt very bad.

Wait. WHAT?

On his face Kim claims that he did not know that Warmbier's arrest and treatment was not ridiculous. Kim controls North Korea with an iron fist. Don't you know if an American college student was arrested in your country? Is it missing that Warmbier's arrest and imprisonment has become a huge national and international story? And in 18 months, Warmbier did not hold anyone to ever see Kim in his government to mention American prisoners?

As I said, it's incredible.

Then why did Trump return to Warmbieren and North Korea? Simple: Because it was politically expedient.

Trump wants to deal with North Korea. You have a legitimate suspicion that this would be one of the main pillars of a huge foreign policy outcome and presidential heritage. In order for this agreement, which Trump could not close at the second summit with Kim, knows that he must keep Kim's happiness, he must talk and keep it in the right mind to make a deal.

To do this, Trump is willing to say and do what is needed – even to hand over a violent dictator to imprisonment and abuse of an American college student. to the United States in a vegetative state and died later.

While Trump's willingness to ignore Kim's clarity about Warmbier is likely to be more likely (though at the moment, who knows?) The question is, which cost? What moral principles and stocks are we willing to sacrifice in the world to shock a dictator who has a terrible human rights record?

Trump's response – at least on Thursday – seems to be our moral principle. Because if we have to accept that Kim Jong Un knew nothing about what happened to Otto Warmbier, what other atrocities would be involved?

Rick Santorum told CNN Thursday morning.

"This is unforgivable what he did," said Republican Senator Pennsylvania, who gave John Berman anchor from Trum. "As you said, he covered the driver who knew very well what was going on with Otto Warmbier. And once again, I don't understand why this president is doing it."


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