Packers beat Lions 31-24, securing NFC North crown behind Rodgers’ MVP performance

If the Ford Field air conditioner blew “sleepy shit,” as Davante Adams joked this week, it had the most impact on the defense, as Adams, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers attack hung 31 points on one of football’s worst defenses than Green Bay beat the Lions 31-24. With the victory, the Packers won the NFC North league title and took first place in the NFC after defeating the Saints against the Eagles. While the playoffs offer an added bonus, there’s plenty to be improved after sloppy, uneven performance.

Mike Pettine’s defense started a little sleepily, letting Matthew Stafford and the Lions ’attack march onto the field on an 11-player touchscreen to start the game, just like in the first match. But Adams turned the back shoulder fading to a 56-yard point with an eighth straight game touchdown, breaking the Packers record previously held by Doners Hutson. Without corner defenders Jeff Okudah and Desmond Trufant, the lions did not respond to Adams, who finished 115 yards with seven catches.

But the Packers attack can defeat the defense in countless ways. Rodgers completed the first 10 passes for 134 yards and 2 touchdowns with a perfect pass evaluation, with Marquez Valdes-Scantling receiving the second score with a laser on the back shoulder score. If fluctuations in confidence affect MVS, the arrow points to it after one of Packer’s most impressive appearances, which we have been able to say several times this season, eventually building on the success guaranteed by his talent. Valdes-Scantling found openings that so much attention had been paid to (or tried to pay attention to) Adams, laying 85 yards with six grabs.

For the first time since 2011, the Packers didn’t run in at halftime compared to the Lions, although Detroit equaled at 14 at the end of the half. But the start of the second half was owned by Rodgers and Co., he held the ball for almost 14 minutes. minutes in the third quarter, scoring a goal and forcing the Lions to step out.

Another long touch gave the Packers a 28-14 pillow that was not waived, although defensive penalties and coverage busts certainly tried.

Matt LaFleur’s request to play four quarters of defense has to wait at least a week, as missing three each in the pair’s second half doesn’t qualify, as do undisciplined penalties, bad angles and slow recognition, especially on screen. The game plan focused on attacking Kevin King, and Stafford found open buyers on his side all afternoon, as well as runs that forced him to mount in open terrain.

Luckily for the Packers, offense provides the best defense, receiving four full touchdowns from Rodgers, including the 30th rushing touchdown of his career, setting a packback for a new record on the ground.

Due to Matt Patricia’s distant memory, the lions refused to step out, playing harder than they did most of the season. Detroit was shaken by an avalanche of Packers defensive flags during the fall of Kerryon Johnson. The only good news for Green Bay came from the clock, where the touchdown also went to the lions from time to time until 5:30, requiring 13 games. Pettine’s defense sets up opponents like this: it takes a long time to score with 10+ games.

If the attack on Green Bay is successful, as it is throughout the season, even the few shoots when this work is successful due to the offense will not be enough. Or at least that’s the theory. Some games have a less noticeable philosophy and more of a pipe dream, given how softly this team sometimes plays in the middle of the field.

Luckily, Adams ’energy was never depleted, so the lions were given the opportunity to catch 29 yards to salt the game, and Stafford knocked out the previous shoot with a rib injury. Possession of the ball would be enough. The scoring is a sauce. Adams put Mason Crosby in position to increase the lead to 10 with a 53-yard field goal. The false start made it more interesting, but Crosby nailed the longest and most vengeful 58-yardst of his career on the pitch, where in 2018 he delivered the worst performance as a pro in a nightmare game.

One day, when the sloppy, uneven play defined the non-offensive group for the Packers, the lions received a 71-yard kickback that came from the field and set up Chase Daniel to keep Detroit there.

For Super Bowl rider, LaFleur doesn’t want his team to look like that. To win, to defeat the division’s rival, they are beautiful. Ensuring division will always be the goal, but eliminating these careless mistakes, special team mistakes, and offensive breaks is paramount for a team that can’t afford pants like this in big moments. That’s an improvement over last year’s Ford Field, when Green Bay became lifeless, needed a big second-half comeback and a last-second field goal to win, even if there’s a farewell on the line in the first round.

The Packers came out with better urgency, but not the edge they needed, they lacked the sharp, sharp game they would need during the playoffs. Getting plenty of victories to improve can be a coach’s dream. Bank the victory, but keep the urgency away from the squad. Plenty needs to be corrected in the section for the Packers. Still, they are the NFC North champions, currently on the NFC leaderboard, and if they win, they will be the first place winners and the only team to say goodbye to the conference.

In a sense, a summary of Rodgers ’MVP argument. The defense gave up the yards, committed silly penalties, and the special teams bite them in the butt again. Still, number 12 does the games you need and your team requires to win on the road against a shared opponent. Without it, they would have been lost. Turn defenders and the Lions win. But like more than a decade in Green Bay, the Packers win specifically because they have Rodgers and no opponents.

One day, when Patrick Mahomes threw three selections and Rodgers put the team on his back, we might soon be saying “three-time MVP Aaron Rodgers”. However, after his team’s negligent performance, there’s a lot to improve before we can say he’s a “two-time Super Bowl champion”.