Panic when Indonesian volcano erupts, releases ash and smoke into the air (VIDEO) – RT World News

The eruption of one of Indonesia’s most dangerous volcanoes caused panic and the evacuation of nearly 2,800 people, authorities warn nearby areas of “hot clouds, lava avalanche[s] and toxic gas. ”

Video from RT Ruptly’s video agency captured a huge, four-kilometer-high (13,123-foot) lump of ash and smoke from the Lewotolo volcano on the Indonesian island of Lembata. The island is located about 2,600 km east of the country’s capital, Jakarta.

The sight also frightened locals as visitors from nearby villages decided to flee the area at the foot of the volcano, the Indonesian Disaster Relief Agency said. The residents “They panic and are still looking for shelter and need money” one local told Reuters.

Lewotolo’s first outbreak in eight years began late on Thursday and has so far caused no losses, but authorities “Growing threat” the cataclysm. The area around the volcano is probably flooded “Hot clouds, lava stream, lava avalanche and toxic gas” the disaster management agency said on its website.

Indonesia is home to nearly 130 active volcanoes, more than any other country in the world, but Lewotolo is only the fourth of them, whose danger level rises to the second level of the country’s four-level alarm system.

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