Pence says US ‘is one and a half weeks’ from ‘likely approval’ of first coronavirus vaccine

Vice President Mike Pence said Friday that the United States is “perhaps only a week and a half away from” likely approving “the first vaccination against the new coronavirus.

The Atlanteans, ga. At Friday’s State Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) event, Pence thanked CDC staff, saying their work was “deeply inspiring,” “not just as your vice president, but as an American.”

“We are in a challenging period during a pandemic and we all have a role to play,” Pence said, noting that people need to wash their hands, exercise social distance and wear a mask.

“We are also in a time of hope,” Pence continued, saying, “this season is always full of hope, through the traditions of faith in the hearts of the American people, especially our children.”

“But to be who we are, Bob, may be just a week and a half away from what the likely approval of the U.S. coronavirus vaccine will be, inspiring to the country’s population,” Pence added, nodding to CDC Director Robert Redfield. who said he was “optimistic” about the approval.

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A source close to the White House Coronavir Virus Task Force told Fox News that the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) could be granted as early as December 11th.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn also said on Friday that they were “very hopeful” in the approval and that they were “moving very fast”.

Hahn was called to the White House this week to give a briefing on the coronavirus vaccine approval process.

The FDA is scheduled to meet on Dec. 10 for an EUA application for Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, three weeks after the company filed its application.

The FDA also plans to discuss the Moderna EUA on December 17th.

Earlier this week, Hahn said FDA scientists “need to make the decision and take the time to make the right call for that important decision”.

“We want to move fast because it’s a national emergency, bu, we’ll be sure our scientists are taking the time to make the right decisions,” Hahn said in a statement to Fox News. “It’s our job to get that right and make the right decision about the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations.”

Scientists at the agency worked non-stop on “huge amounts of data,” according to Fox News. The fastest approval process with such a volume of data ever was 3.5 months, adapting the current schedule to historic speeds.


An FDA spokesman added that thousands of pages of data need to be shared and reviewed by experts in different disciplines and then integrated into a comprehensive review.

“Completion of these reviews shall include the adequacy of the manufacturing process and production control, the verification of the statistical analyzes performed to ensure that it is performed properly, and, if necessary, additional analyzes to investigate the effect of the vaccine. said the spokesman.

Meanwhile, Redfield this week approved a vote by a panel of independent experts that health workers and residents of long-term care facilities should be the first to receive the vaccine.

“Dr. Redfield supports their recommendations and has signed the memorandum and accepted these interim recommendations. ”Can be read in the CDC Communication.

“If the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves or approves the COVID-19 vaccine, ACIP will quickly hold a public meeting to review all available data on the vaccine,” the CDC updated its website on Thursday. “From this data, ACIP will then vote on whether to recommend the vaccine and, if so, who will receive it.”

Fox News Alex Hein, Kayla Rivas, John Roberts and Madeline Farber contributed to the report.