Pennsylvania justifies Biden’s victory and dampens Trump’s hopes to overturn election results

WASHINGTON – Pennsylvania validated its election results on Tuesday, showing that President-elect Joe Biden won the state, consolidating Biden’s national victory and striking another blow to President Donald Trump’s efforts to overthrow the election result.

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania, tweeted that the Pennsylvania State Department verified the results Tuesday morning, and “I signed a certificate of election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as required by federal law.”

“Today’s certification is a testament to the incredible efforts of local and state election officials who have worked tirelessly to make Pennsylvania a free, fair and accurate process that reflects the will of the electorate,” Wolf added in a statement.

A total of 3,458,229 votes were cast for Biden and 3,377,674 for Trump, giving Biden 80,555 votes. In 2016, Trump won the state with 44,292 votes.

Pennsylvania’s justification comes as the Trump campaign continued the state’s long-term legal strategy, allegedly alleging widespread irregularities with mailings and other issues.

Pennsylvania is expected to confirm its election results on Monday, but some counties in the state have reported delays. The Secretary of State’s office said all 67 counties submitted votes late Monday.

Pennsylvania’s certification is the latest sign that Trump’s efforts to keep him in the presidency are waning. More than a dozen states have already confirmed their findings, including at Michigan Biden on Monday. The Trump administration on Monday formally authorized the presidential transition process, which could give Biden millions of dollars in federal funds and other resources to begin the transition to power.

Trump and his Republican allies have filed more than 30 lawsuits across the country to challenge the results, the vast majority of which have been rejected, denied, settled, or revoked. No court found any voter fraud.

U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann dismissed one of the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania on Saturday, deciding that the campaign would ask the court to “dismiss nearly seven million voters,” stating that it would not find any a case in which a plaintiff would be. ”he sought such a drastic remedy in the election race.” Trump’s legal team, led by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, appealed the decision on Monday.

“Trump has done everything he can to end voter disenfranchisement and prevent the results from being validated in the state of Pennsylvania,” Bob Bauer, Biden’s campaign legal adviser, said in a statement Tuesday. “Trump has failed in the state of Pennsylvania and will not succeed elsewhere. Trump’s lawsuits continue to fail as there have been more than 30 cases since election day, states continue to prove their results and Joe Biden swears in to the president. January 20, 2021 on. “

Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico and the District of Columbia, all of which Biden won, are also expected to confirm their results on Tuesday. Indiana and North Carolina, where Trump won, are also scheduled to prove Tuesday.

All states must certify before the Electoral College meets on December 14th.

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