Pennsylvania Supreme Court Dismisses New Republican Election Case

The dismissal means more and more losses in court for Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump, who tried to challenge voting systems following the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. The lawsuits failed almost uniformly.

The court ruled unanimously against Kelly and others and on Saturday refused to block the ballot paper. Five of the seven judges wrote that they thought the lawsuit was filed too late, a year after missing voting procedures were introduced in the state and weeks after millions of Pennsylvaniaans voted in good faith.

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“It is beyond the course of the proceedings that the petitioners did not exercise due diligence in presenting the immediate action,” the court wrote in its majority opinion.

The Supreme Court said Republicans could not reconfigure their complaint and try again.

According to lower courts in the state, an action filed weeks after election day may prevent counties from verifying votes, but this move has become essentially irrelevant.

The counties of Pennsylvania have already verified their vote count, making Biden the winner of the battlefield state by 80,000 votes.

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