“People are angry”: Tensions are rising amid brawls for Biden jobs

Covid affairs are soaring, businesses are staring at a gloomy winter, millions of Americans are struggling, and Congress … well, they’re on hiatus. Sarah Ferris of POLITICO breaks up why there is still no agreement on another round of coronavirus relief.

Today, the usual wisdom is that Biden manages with his campaign-loyal members at the expense of other factions within his party. And in a sense, that’s true. The top of the campaign – Ron Klain, Mike Donilon and Steve Ricchetti – goes into the top openings of the Biden White House. The two most important national security advisers in Biden’s campaign will take over the two most important national security jobs in the administration: Tony Blinken as Secretary of State and Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser. Campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon and one of the campaign’s co-chairs, MP Cedric Richmond, will hold White House leadership positions.

The relatively indisputable nature of these selections is due to the design. Internally, they were instructed that Biden officials emphasize to reporters how normal the selections are, how “tested leaders”. It can be considered a success if Biden staff and cabinet announcements do not bring much news.

But just below the elite level, there is a panic-stricken concern – depending on who you’re talking to – about the lack of perception of campaigning alumni. “It’s really doubtful if they’ll be taken care of,” Biden’s consultant said.

Some of the grumbling goes back to one of the main divisions of the Biden campaign: the people who joined the campaign before Dillon in March and who came in after it. In the old guard, some feel they are not valued – they have won the Democratic nomination! – and they have been layered over by Dillon landlords, who are now prioritizing the work of the White House.

Several I spoke to pointed out that Dillon and Julie Rodriguez, one of his deputy campaigners, had been given senior positions in the White House in front of people like Kate Bedingfield and Symone Sanders, two prominent veterans of the pre-Dillon era who are still widely regarded. they believe they are likely to get top communication jobs. “People who were not part of the struggling pre-selection were placed in front of the people in front of them,” a Biden consultant said. “If you notice, Jen’s men will be taken care of.”

In response to these criticisms, a Biden interim officer who asked for anonymity because they were worried that Biden campaign officials who were speaking could “turn their frustrations towards me,” said in a statement, many long campaign staff work alongside temporary staff who have been transition. Employees of the Biden-Harris Administration are still at a very early stage, and people who invest hard to win are still an integral part of the work ahead. “

Part of the emerging factionalism is related to Biden’s long career. Not everyone who helps get to the White House has officially worked on the campaign. There are Biden’s Senate, Biden’s Vice President, Biden’s President’s primary and Biden’s general election staff. There are those who go through several eras. The current fears, taken over by a previous generation of Obama employees who are based in Washington, come from a younger Biden true believer who made his decision in early 2019, even as all the cool young operatives flocked to Beto, Bernie and Warren.

Even then, the brain trust at the top of the campaign, which is now running smoothly to the top of the White House, and the Biden proletariat, which accounts for much of the campaign operation, were broken. The fear of the pricks is that the trust in the brain does not mean that they are lagging behind. So they speak anonymously in the hope that people like Klain, Ricchetti and Donilon, and perhaps the president-elect himself, will notice.

Meanwhile, many of these people sit and wait, often without giving a real understanding of how they can apply for key jobs.

“People are angry,” Biden’s adviser said. “I think he’ll take care of me, but they haven’t taken care of me yet.” I’m really interested to know how you can find out how you got a job in this White House.