Pete Hegseth beats Kerry after Biden traps the climate post and declares that China “plays like a violinist”

President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet rights form a “frivolous team” that China and other American opponents will play as “violinists,” Pete Hegseth, host of “Fox & Friends Weekend,” said Tuesday.

“It’s Obama 2.0,” Hegseth Harris told Faulkner’s “Overtime Overtime” presenter. “That would completely reject all the lessons we learned under President Trump and is bad for American politics.”

Vice President Biden and Kamala Harris unveiled their key foreign policy and national security candidates and nominees at Tuesday’s event in Wilmington.

Secretary of State criticized during the IRAW War, consultative work

Candidates include Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, and John Kerry as Special Presidents. Climate Commissioner.

Hegseth echoed the New York Post’s criticism of Kerry, which the paper described as “a lifelong joke” and “one of the biggest gas bags in American politics.” [who is] is solely responsible for the huge amount of horrific emissions “using private aircraft and luxury yachts.

“General,” Hegseth said. “They want the rules not to apply to them, but of course the others have to destroy our economy to save the weather.”


The author of “Modern Warriors” added that the Biden’s Cabinet “probably won’t recognize that the biggest [environmental] perpetrator … far from communist Chinese. “

Instead, Hegseth explained, “They’re going to say fashionable things like‘ international cooperation ’and‘ multilateral agreements. ’ our taxpayers and then return to the same terrible business as Iran. [nuclear] a business that empowers our enemies and causes us a lot of vulnerabilities. “

Sullivan, on the one hand, has urged the U.S. to support China’s “rise” earlier, making it more skeptical that a Biden government is “ready to stand up to communist Chinese,” Hegseth said.

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“OK [China] he will use people like John Kerry, play like a violin to continue to lie, and deceive the world into trying to become his eminent power.

As it was during the Obama administration, the Biden team will “love fashionable agreements,” Hegseth said. “But the great attacks on rebuilding and securing our borders are not serious.”