Pilot search crew after the Madison-based fighter crashed in Michigan

F-16 fighter jet
Kindness: 115. Fighter Wing

MADISON, Wis. “Emergency crews are looking for the pilot of a Madison-based F-16 aircraft that crashed in the upper Michigan Peninsula on Tuesday night.

The F-16 Falcon went down around Michigan in Delta County, Mich. The jet was assigned to the 115th Combat Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, located at Truax Field Air National Guard Base.

The status and condition of the pilot is unknown by Wednesday morning.

Governor Tony Evers issued a statement on the accident on Wednesday.

“I was destroyed when I learned last night that a member of the Wisconsin Air National Guard was involved in an F-16 accident in the Upper Peninsula. As long as the search and rescue operations continue, Kathy and I hope and pray for the safe return of the pilot, ”Evers said. “Our heart speaks to the pilot’s family as well as the members of the 115th fighter wing as they continue to work on bringing the pilot home.”

The 115th Fighter Wing was involved in the search overnight with local first aiders, the U.S. Coast Guard and other government agencies. Research rescue efforts are taking place on land as well as in air and water.

The scene of the accident was initially provided by local first aiders, but soldiers and security and safety personnel from the 115th Hunting Wing are now on the scene.

Additional personnel will be sent later Wednesday to facilitate the safety of the crash site.

“We’re a close family, and when an event like this happens, every member of our organization feels it.” said Colonel Bart Van Roo, commander of the 115th Fighter Wing.

“Pilot safety and search and rescue efforts are paramount and we will continue to pray for the safe return of the pilot.”

The cause of the accident is also being investigated.

Some of the F-16 fighters located at Truax Field in Madison took part in night training this week. It is not clear whether the pilot involved in the accident participated in this training.

An F-16 falcon assigned to the 115th fighter wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard at Truax Field Air National …

He gave up the 115th Fighter Wing on Wednesday, December 9, 2020