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Pokémon Go has brought a wonderful era that continues with the sword and shield

Since its debut in 2016, more than 1 billion people have been downloaded Pokémon Go, which is significantly more than all previous entries in the series. At the top, ten million people played every month, admiring the city streets and turning Pokémon Go the first global real video game. He introduced new people into the franchise and reinvigorated his interest in runaway fans.

Often, when an entertainment property reaches this kind of mainstream success, especially in a simplified way Pokémon Go, fans are worried about the condensation of loved toys. But that was not the case Pokémon: instead Pokémon Go inspired by a creative boom of the franchise, which is some of the best, most accessible Pokémon games. And yesterday's discovery Pokémon sword and Shield this trend continues for the Nintendo Switch.

Things started rather slowly. Summer 2016 when Pokémon Go mania was in the zenith, Nintendo pointed out that they were older Pokémon The games played on 3DS exploded, largely due to the increased attention paid by the mobile AR game. A few months later Pokémon Day and Moon has become Nintendo's two fastest selling games. Not surprisingly, these numbers had an impact on the games themselves.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go.
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In 2017, Nintendo released Ultra Sun and Ultra Hold, upgraded versions of previous 3DS games. And these games had many features that were specifically inspired Pokémon Goincluding a simpler user interface and the ability to make much stronger monsters much earlier in the game. "We knew he was a good fan, but of course we were surprised that there were so many users who were so big Pokémon fans when Pokémon Go have been released, " Sun and Moon Director Shigeru Ohmori said The rim "We want to rely on the excitement that has been built up last year."

Things went one step further last year Pokémon: Let's go, a game specifically designed to combine accessibility Pokémon Go more traditional role play. You've removed the series and genre clips like casual battles and picked up many other irrelevant items, while you can track more playful features, such as motion-controlled throws, to record the Pokémon, and follow your favorite monster, as in the cartoon.

Prior to these games, the series often felt as if they were in some kind of holding pattern, the new entries slightly improved on their ancestors, but they had more and more curved features that seemed unnecessary. But the inspiration Pokémon Go. Pokémon The games have become more and more friendly, simplifying the formula without destroying what works so well. "Pokémon Go was really the second Pokémon so it was a rare occasion that no one could expect it, ”said Junichi Masuda's long-line director. The rim last year.

It's too early to say this year Sword and Shield follow this trend. From yesterday's short, early look, they look much more traditional Come on. It is important that the first main line is Pokémon games on a home console. This means that this is probably the biggest and most beautiful entry to the series – and we saw another one Pokémon bang.

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