Police Arrest Suspected Gun in Arden Fair Mall Black Friday Deadly Shooting – CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police arrested a teenager who allegedly shot and killed two other teenagers at the Arden Fair Mall on Friday.

Damario Beck, 18, was arrested for the shooting that killed Brothers Dewayne James Jr. (19) and Sa’Quan Reed-James (17) on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

The father of the victims, Dewayne James Sr., was destroyed when she learned that both of her sons had been killed.

“My children, they’re gone, I can’t get them back,” James the Elder said. “At first I wanted revenge, but as the days go by, I get a little stronger.”

Shot victims, Dewayne James Jr. (left) and Sa’Quan Reed-James (right).

Police say the prima facie evidence of the shooting was due to a verbal hassle between two previously run-in groups of people, the Sacramento Police Department said in a statement. But the families of the victims deny that the two sides knew each other.

According to Sacramento Bee, a video shows the victims may have fired from their own guns during the quarrel, but the Sacramento Police Department did not confirm this.

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn says violence has increased among young people and a number of factors are to blame.
According to him, the coronavirus epidemic provides young people with limited access to community houses and after-school programs.

“We have a city where there has been no juvenile homicide for two years.” We have four so far this year, ”Hahn said.

According to Hahn, the protests also take special police units, such as gang task forces and community information teams, out of their normal operations.

“After sports, school, school programs, anything you have with groups of people is pretty much closed, and that has the biggest impact on communities where people don’t have the money to do other things,” Hahn said.

No matter what the problem, the sibling family just wants to see solutions.

– Do we have to take guns out of the street? Absolutely. Should we take guns out of the hands of people who are legally incapable of holding guns? Absolutely. But if we stop here, we will fail, ”Hahn said.

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According to the family, the murdered brothers had just fled the violence and moved from Louisiana to Sacramento to become victims. While family members are now hoping to see both change and justice, the teenage father says he has no malice against the alleged shooter.

“I’m sorry, son … do you know what I’m saying?” I’m sorry you have to go through this, and your parents have to go through this bro too. And I want your parents to know I don’t hate you. I have nothing wrong to say about you, brother, ”said James the Elder.

Elder James said his sons were best friends and promising athletes who loved music and their family.

“I never knew my sons had that much love, and I want them to know that. They love people. That’s all I have to say, man, said James the Elder.

The family says the focus is now on teenagers returning to Louisiana, where they will be buried. They also call for an end to the violence on behalf of their loved ones.

“If my children have to sit down with the gentleman to bring to light the situation across the country, so be it,” said James the Elder.

Mayor Steinberg has issued a statement stating that the gun is never a solution and that he is not blaming the mall for the case. He thinks it could have happened anywhere.

The name of the Arden Fair Mall is associated with the identification of the suspect. As a result of the shooting, the Arden Fair shopping center had to close early.

Investigators will continue the investigation and believe additional individuals will be involved in the incident and witnesses. Further information is planned as the study progresses.