Police detail stabbing San Jose church in suspect’s violent criminal history, repeated deportations – CBS San Francisco

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – San Jose police arrested a suspect arrested by San Jose police on Wednesday on a fatal weekend at Grace Baptist Church, a late late weekend at Grace Baptist Church, who was deported three times by a long, violent criminal. man with history.

San Jose authorities, including the mayor, have referred to a number of systematic mistakes that have taken to the streets despite suspected repeat crimes and arrests.

Eddie Garcia, the chief of police in San Jose, identified the suspect as Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Authorities say he faces two types of murders, three attempted murders, the pace of a spouse or partner, and a violation of a protection order.

Garcia described the bloody scene he found and Lopez-Garcia’s quick detention.

Garcia said officers responded to a delay in the 400 block of East San Fernando Street in the Grace Baptist Church shortly before 8pm on Sunday night. At least one caller told dispatchers that “there is blood everywhere”.

When they arrived, officers found five victims in the temple who suffered at least one stab wound each. One adult male victim was declared dead at the scene. A second adult victim, a woman, was taken to a local hospital where she allowed her injuries.

Garcia said four of the suspects and stabbed victims were members of the San Jose homeless community, but noted that the fifth victim was a volunteer who worked at Grace Baptist Church.

Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia (SJPD)

Garcia said the suspect fled the scene until police arrived, but an observation officer found a man who matched the attacker’s description and detained him within 12 minutes after police received the first 911 call about the case.

But Jesus Lopez-Garcia was homeless and regularly used the services of the Grace Baptist Church, but also volunteered at the church to help provide services to those living in an uninhabited community, the police chief said.

Garcia noted that the suspect has an extensive and violent criminal history and said that despite convictions for multiple arrests and violent crimes, De Jesus Lopez-Garcia was not handed over to immigration officials because of his policy of county and state shrines.

The suspect’s criminal history includes the crime of assaulting a deadly weapon, for which he served two years in prison, serious domestic violence, and an offense arrest earlier this year that resulted in an order.

Garcia said the suspect had been deported from the United States on three previous occasions but had returned to California.

“Immigration detention has been sent for a recent domestic violent crime committed in Santa Clara County. Although the notification would have been allowed under SB54, the California Values ​​Act, this was not respected and was later released, ”Garcia explained.

Garcia also said De Jesus Lopez-Garcia was released for his own recognition by the judge, despite the Santa Clara County government protesting over concerns about the suspect’s violent history.

The suspect was also from San Joaquin County during his probationary period due to domestic violence and gave him an active order in Santa Clara County for failing to comply with the terms of his release at the time of his failure to appear in court.

Both Garcia and Mayor Sam Liccardo say the suspect was under the influence of drugs during the attack and that he has a history of drug problems.

Mayor Liccardo also mentioned that the detention of the suspect in ICE has been ignored, based on the sanctuary policy of Santa Clara County.

“In this case, they say the county arrested ICE, but I didn’t notify ICE of the defendant’s release,” Liccardo said. “He should have been in jail, federal custody, drug treatment, or in his own country. But not on the streets of our community.

Both Garcia and Liccardo have touched on areas where repairs are needed if San Jose is safe.

“If we don’t solve the problems in our criminal justice system where we can’t seem to find a way to bring violent criminals to justice, nothing works,” Garcia said.

According to the mayor, the church attack could have been prevented. He referred to a number of system failures, including the problem of homelessness in San Jose and the need for more balanced police reform.

“Changes in our criminal justice system have not made our community safer,” Liccardo said. “” This pendulum swung too far. “

Police said there was no evidence that the stabbing was motivated by any racial or racial bias, and Garcia stressed that the suspect did not represent the homeless or immigrant communities as a whole.

U.S. ICE officials also issued a statement on Wednesday in which the suspect was “identified as a repeat immigrant with a significant criminal history dating back nearly 15 years” and called De Jesus Lopez-Garcia a “criminal”.

Garcia had previously been convicted of a marital battery, for attacking with a deadly weapon, causing bodily injury to a spouse, and a battery for an officer and vandalism. ICE said officers of the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) released immigration detention in prison the day after the deadly attack.

David Jennings, director of the San Francisco ICE ERO field office, expressed his condolences to the victims of the stab and their families in a press release that also criticized the state’s shrine policy.

“We have catastrophic evidence here of the ugly failure of California shrine policy. The only one protected by this policy was a criminal; allowing it to be abused over and over again, ”Jennings said. “If these immigration detentions had been honored, or if ICE had been notified at any other time of his arrest and release from local prisons, we would have been detained. Unfortunately, the policy continues to prevail over public safety, detainees have been ignored. , But Jesus Lopez-Garcia was let into the street. ”

Police are asking anyone who has information to contact Detective Lewis # 3161 or Detective Meeker # 3272 at the San Jose Police Department Murder Unit at (408) 277-5283.

People can also leave anonymous tips by calling the Crime Stoppers hotline at (408) 947-7867.