Police intend to hit and injure people in fatal Portland car attack

Portland police in Oregon said they found no evidence of terrorism, bias or political incitement in a collisional accident series in which seven people were hit and one died on Monday, but the driver’s actions show he wanted to hit them.

Portland police did not disclose the name of the suspect who was arrested after a Honda Element crashed and was “damaged” by those living in the area. He was in the hospital on Tuesday.

“Investigators have found no evidence that this is an act of terrorism. Investigators have not found any bias indicators, nor do they believe it is politically motivated,” the police said in a statement Tuesday. “Investigators said the driver’s actions really showed intent to hit and injure people.”

Jean Gerich, a 77-year-old grandmother with five children, was killed. His family said in a statement issued by police that he was a cancer survivor, living in Portland for 48 years.

“Jean Gerich was not an anonymous victim. She was a loving mother of two. She was a five-year-old proud grandmother, aged 4-16. She would have been 78 in twelve days. She beat cancer five years ago,” her family said. in a statement issued by police on Tuesday.

“He received his first vaccination shot last week and was very happy to be able to get out into the world again,” his family said.

Police say the name and charges of the alleged driver will be made public as soon as they are seized. Police said a blood sample was taken and sent to a lab.

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell called Monday’s events “pointless acts of violence.” He said the class expressed its condolences to Gerich’s family and the injured.

Witnesses said the suspect was driving irregularly and one person was missing, and the first pedestrian was struck around 1 p.m.

The driver hit a total of 10 people as well as cars, police said. There were seven pedestrians and two cyclists. One of the victims did not remember whether they were in the vehicle or outside when they were hit, police said.

Police said most of the victims suffered minor injuries.

The crime scene is more than a dozen blocks away. Police said the first person was hit where he crashed, approx.

A police spokesman said on Monday that the vehicle had also been driven up the street and sidewalks.

Mayor Ted Wheeler he called the case confusing and thanked “the many people who went beyond this incident in response,” from police and first responders to witnesses and those who contributed to the arrest of the suspect.

Gerich’s family also said they are grateful to the good Samaritans on site. They asked for privacy.