Police say children 5 and 6 have been charged with murder in Georgia after being stabbed

Berenice Jaramillo-Hernandez, 26, faces two regular crimes, a malicious murder and an aggravated attack on Friday’s murders, the Hall County Sheriff’s Office said, calling the incident a heat effect.

Authorities announced Saturday night that they had notified the brothers’ closest relatives and that Jaramillo-Hernandez is being charged.

Police received a 911 call on Friday afternoon about a woman who cut herself. When they arrived at his home east of Gainesville, about an hour’s drive north of Atlanta, MPs found the injured mother, along with the bodies of Mateo Miranda Jaramillo (5) and Katherine Miranda Jaramillo (6).

According to a preliminary investigation, “Jaramillo-Hernandez killed the children with a knife and then turned the knife toward him, resulting in serious injuries,” the sheriff’s office said.

The mother was taken to a medical center. They will be formally charged after the doctors have finished treating his injuries, the sheriff’s office said Saturday night. It was not clear whether Jaramillo-Hernandez had a lawyer. CNN turned to the sheriff’s office for further comments.

On Friday, before the mother was named a suspect, the sheriff’s office said the case was isolated and he was not looking for another suspect.

“There is no danger to the community as a result of the incident,” the sheriff’s office said.

Police did not disclose the motive. The investigation is still ongoing.