Polis is ordering a tax credit for Colorado restaurants and bars before the special meeting

DENVER – Governor Jared Polis on Wednesday signed an enforcement order granting a tax exemption for restaurants, bars and other small businesses.

The government is extending the state sales tax payment deadline to 30 days in November for restaurants, bars and food trucks, according to a government agency press release.

The extension of the November collection deadline comes ahead of a special legislative session during which Polis called on lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow bars and restaurants to maintain a $ 2,000 monthly sales tax from November to February.

Read the full order here.

“Colorado’s restaurants, bars and food trucks are among the small businesses hardest hit by the pandemic. We all want to keep these businesses open as a vital part of our lives and culture, so I am proud to work with a group of bipartisan legislators to provide the necessary tax exemptions, ”Polis said in the statement.

Indoor catering is currently restricted in Denver and more than a dozen other large counties that are below “Red Level” on the state’s COVID-19 dial. Restaurants in these counties still offer limited outdoor dining options, although this is likely to be more challenging in the winter months than at the beginning of the year.

Polis called for an extraordinary meeting expected to begin in the coming weeks, during which lawmakers focused on tax breaks, housing and rent subsidies, support for childcare providers and expanding broadband access for distance learning students.

On both sides of the corridor, lawmakers stressed the need to help restaurants and small businesses.

“Many of our restaurants and bars are struggling to survive, and most don’t offer outdoor seating in the winter,” said Republican MP Kevin Van Winkle, Republican representative for Highlands Ranch. “We need to provide tax breaks and allow them to retain their state sales tax collections, among other assistance, as a lifeline to get through the winter.”

“This epidemic has killed every business in our state, but has affected none more than restaurants and bars that rely on indoor dining,” said Denver MP Alex Valdez. “A lot of people won’t survive the winter unless we provide emergency assistance by allowing them to keep collecting state sales tax in the winter months.”