Pope warns the church of mediocrity with new cardinals

VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Francis, joined by the church’s newest cardinals at Sunday Mass, warned of mediocrity and the search for “godfathers” to advance his own career.

Eleven of the 13 new cardinals sat at the central altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, where Francis gave them the red hats on Saturday that symbolize that they are the so-called princes of the church today.

Two of the new cardinals were unable to get to Rome due to epidemic travel complications. The freshly beaten cardinals who actually made it to the Vatican wore protective masks and purple robes as the church began the Advent liturgical season before Christmas.

In his homily, Francis rejected his name as “a dangerous kind of sleep: a dream of mediocrity”. He added that Jesus was “above all opposed to lukewarmness.”

The future of these new cardinals could be if they are elected to head the Vatican classes, or eventually become popes themselves. Cardinals often advise popes and choose the next pope by consulting with each other and then meeting in a secret conclave to choose from among them the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church and its roughly 1.3 billion ordinary believers.

During his papacy, Francis often warned of clericalism and raised this topic in his Sunday homily.

“If they are waiting for us in heaven, why should we catch up with earthly worries? Why do we have to worry about money, fame, success, all of which fade? Said the pope.

Deviating from his prepared text, he added, “Why look for godfathers to advance their careers?”

In one of the most shocking figures of the dangers of clericalism, an internal Vatican report earlier this month concluded that bishops, cardinals, and even popes had rejected or underestimated the sexual abuse of American clergyman Theodore McCarrick over decades.

McCarrick rose steadily in the ranks of the hierarchy, eventually occupying the prestigious position of archbishop of Washington. McCarrick was deprived of his cardinal rank and released in 2019 after an investigation substantiated allegations of sexual abuse against him.

While in-house fact-finding noted the role of Francis and Benedict XVI, his predecessor, in the papacy in not stopping the abuse of McCarrick’s position, much of the error II. It was passed on to John Paul, the long-reigning pope. After his death in 2005, he quickly became a saint. John Paul appointed McCarrick to the Washington post and made him a cardinal, despite commissioning an investigation that confirmed that the American foreman had shared his bed with seminary.

Among those elevated to the rank of cardinal by Francis on Saturday was the current archbishop of Washington, Wilton Gregory, the first African-American cardinal.

In his homily, Francis offered charity as a way for the church to remain on a mission.

“Some seem to think it is compassionate to help and serve others for the losers,” Francis said after refusing indifference.

“When the church worships God and serves our neighbor, it does not live in the night. No matter how weak and tired he travels to the Lord. “

Francis also prayed that God would “cheer us up from the dream of mediocrity; awaken us from the darkness of indifference. “