Pre-owned offers for Nintendo Switch games, PS4 and Xbox One, and more

Cyber ​​Monday is already close to us, and the iconic game store, GameStop, began the first wave of bids with cyber Monday sales on Sunday, November 29, including the obvious (banning game consoles) various bids such as video games, but also some significant peripherals, from game headphones, mice and keyboards to external hard drives and chargers. Sales run through Saturday, December 5th, and while some items will be released for the duration, others will be limited to stock and others will only begin on the actual Monday morning of November 30th – we will keep things up to date. It now examines more than 500 total transactions, some of which are a predictable continuation of Black Friday deals.

GameStop also offers up to 50 percent off the same day delivery service during Cyber ​​Week. GameStop offers a wide range of discounts from major reputable brands, including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo – some deals offer up to 80 percent off. Below, we’ve put together some notable opportunities to get an idea of ​​the best gaming deals during GameStop Cyber ​​Week. We’ve also included a list of sales by category and highlighted the discounts that are only offered on Mondays.

Best GameStop Cyber ​​Week Sale

1. G502 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse

  • Evaluation: 4.6 star average, more than 1900 reviews

This Logitech lightweight mouse is designed specifically for gamers. It has a high-speed sensor that is extremely responsive to even the smallest movements and has six adjustable weights that can be configured to your liking. The mouse is equipped with customizable lights and allows all Logitech G RGB transmissions to be adjusted to sync and illuminate with the same colors.

2. Legends Gamer Pro

  • Evaluation: 4.3 star average, about 4 reviews

Legends Gamer Pro combines two devices to provide a fun, immersive gaming experience: the Legends Gamer Pro Control Top and the Legends Gamer Console. The top of the controller is a wireless, multiplayer arcade control panel paired with the console for gaming. It has 150 built-in arcade and console games and can be connected to any TV so more people can enjoy it together.

3. Joy-Con charging dock for Nintendo Switch

  • Evaluation: 4.8 star average, more than 400 reviews

Charge up to four Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers at once with this dock. The controls slide into place and stand straight in the dock, and each green light indicates when each controller is charging. The dock has a weighted base for stability and works via USB so you can connect it to a wall or nearby computer with a pinch of connection.

4. 2TB external game driver for PlayStation 4

  • Evaluation: 4.7 star average, more than 1300 reviews

This external game drive can store more than 50 games, which prevents you from having to delete your favorite classics when you want to download new ones. The drive is equipped with Hi-Speed ​​USB 3.0, meaning it offers full-speed gaming as if you were playing on the PlayStation’s internal drive. You can connect the game driver directly to any USB port on your PlayStation console and set it up in minutes.

5. Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint Digital Ultimate Edition Edition

  • Evaluation: 4.0 star average, more than 2300 reviews

In this Xbox One game, players become a Ghost, a soldier in the Elite US Special Operations, as they fight for survival against their brothers who turn against them. The game allows you to create your own style of play with a variety of classes, weapons, and equipment, and you can track the progress of the game over time. The game’s Ultimate Steelbook Edition includes all the gold content, plus the Trail TX motorcycle, a Spider buggy, a bonus quest, the Survivor Pack, and the collectible Steelbook. This game is sold in digital format so you can buy it online, download it and start playing right away.

The best GameStop sales

A lot has been sold during the GameStop Cyber ​​Monday sale event, and a lot of it will only fall on Monday, November 30th. In order to make it easier for us to find what we are looking for, we have unpacked some of these sales below: various buckets. These are not necessarily the best offers as each promotion includes multiple discounts, but this will give you an idea of ​​where to find your favorite video games or toys and what each gaming giant has to offer.

The best Cyber ​​Monday video game deals

With GameStop having nearly 400 video games, there are currently plenty of options to choose from.

  • PS4: You can get up now 50 percent off Playstation 4 games, including The Last of Us Part II and some games for $ 10, including God of War. You can even find it
  • Xbox: You can get up now 80 percent off Xbox One digital video games, including Assassin’s Creed: Origins and 50 percent off Xbox One games, including Doom Eternal.
  • Pre-owned: GameStop is running a buy-2-get-2 free promotion on both PS4 and Xbox games.

The best cyber monday promotions on game accessories

GameStop offers Sunday night savings for Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox accessories, including earphones, hard drives and chargers.

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