President Donald Trump has raised more than $ 170 million since election day while making unfounded fraud claims

Fundraising flowed into the treasury of Trump’s Joint Fundraising Committee in less than four weeks, thanks to flooded fundraising applications flooded with Trump supporters who encouraged them to donate to an “Election Defense Fund,” while the president sparked a conspiracy of stolen election-related conspiracies.

In reality, an increasing proportion of the funds contributed to the debt cancellation of the Trump campaign and financed the future political operation of the President through a Political Action Committee.

The Save America Political Action Committee, launched by the president less than a week after election day, can fund his post-White House political life – by providing travel, staffing and other functions, even if Trump never seeks public offices again. .
The Trump campaign did not wish to comment on fundraising data. The Washington Post first reported that Trump’s post-election fundraising exceeded $ 150 million.

One campaign consultant said fundraising was a big signal that Trump was “not going anywhere.” The consultant said there was already talk of Trump holding some extensive post-travel presidencies, including overseas trips, to maintain his visibility.

As CNN previously reported, Trump’s campaign has provided hundreds of fundraising places in recent weeks against election fraud. A recent mission asked Trump supporters to sign petitions calling for “fair elections.” Another “IMMEDIATELY earned $ 5 to defend the radical left’s choice.”

However, the legal lowercase part of the appeals shows that 75% of the funds raised, up to $ 5,000, will go to the new leading PAC, Save America. Only after you reach the $ 5,000 threshold will you receive money in your Trump campaign recount account.

In total, the campaign sent 400 fundraising emails and an additional 125 texts between the ET election night between 11 p.m. and early Tuesday morning.

Trump’s legal team has been fighting long-running legal battles against election results – with little success. Two elected presidents, Joe Biden, who won by a narrow margin – Arizona and Wisconsin – on Monday confirmed their election results, confirming Biden’s victory.

The Trump campaign spent $ 3 million on a partial recount in Wisconsin.

CNN’s Jim Acosta contributed to this story.