Prior to fatal shooting, Palm Beach County Fire Captain “conspired to distribute drugs”

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. “Before his friend fatally shot him in the stomach, the Palm Beach County Fire Chief sent a hundred text messages to the man who shot him discussing the sale and purchase of prescription drugs. from the registration.

JB Rind was arrested earlier this month in connection with the shooting of James Gilliard.

Palm Beach Gardens police say 63-year-old Rind has admitted he is he accidentally “shot his friend in the abdomen while showing him a firearm.”

Initially, Palm Beach Gardens police arrested him on charges of homicide and improper firearms exhibitions. Rind is now accused of tertiary murder, morphine trafficking, conspiracy to sell morphine, conspiracy to sell oxycodone, and conspiracy to sell amphetamines.

The new charges were raised by Palm Beach County prosecutors on Wednesday.

Along with the accusations, new revelations shed light on the nature of Rind’s relationship with Gilliard in the months leading up to his 48-year-old death.

According to new probable evidence, John P. Boyle, a public prosecutor investigator, discovered that Rind and Gilliard exchanged at least 853 SMS between December 25 and November 2, 2019, when Gilliard was fatally wounded.

“In the approximately 10 months prior to the shooting, the accused and the victim appeared to have exchanged text messages with drug buying, selling, or trading at least 77 separate times,” Boyle wrote. “A review of the text messages reveals that Mr. Rind, his roommate,” Alex, “and Mr. Gilliard have been constantly conspiring to distribute drugs for which Rind has either received prescriptions or brought back trips to Mexico. Most of the conversations are long text messages. through the exchange of information. “

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James Gilliard I-95 funeral procession

Palm Beach County Fire Department, WPTV

A funeral parade was held on November 4, 2020 for Palm Beach County Fire Captain James Gilliard, who was shot and killed on November 2, 2020.

The statement said Gilliard first asked Rind for drugs the day after Christmas last year while Rind was in Mexico.

As the evidence shows, Rind sent a text message to Gilliard, “with pictures of where he stores his pills behind the lamp and where he expects money to be left in a bush.”

In a later long SMS sent in May, the statement said Rind was “giving Mr. Gilliard an opportunity to sell and sell drugs.”

The following month, the statement continues, “another long conversation is about Mr. Gilliard selling it to Mr. Rind and putting money in his bank account with photos of the drug bags.”

Finally, in October, Rind and Gilliard will hold a meeting until November 2. In a text message on Oct. 19, the statement said Rind was sending a message to Gilliard and asking us to “play a bargain.” According to the statement, Rind states in the same message that he needs a “financial favor” and “throws” Smith & Wesson’s 9mm revolver – the same weapon used to kill Gilliard.

A number of prescription drugs were found in the Gilliard Ford F150 center console, including Xanax, morphine and the Mexican brand oxycodone, Boyle explained in a statement.

Gilliard’s toxicological report also revealed that he had amphetamines, alprazolam, morphine and oxycodone in his system at the time of his death, the statement said.

“The results for oxycodone and amphetamine exceeded therapeutic levels,” Boyle wrote. “I also learned that the victim had no prescription for the drugs mentioned above.”

In conclusion, Boyle wrote, there is reason to believe that Rind committed a third-degree murder “due to the brain death of his co-conspirator during a conspiracy to spread oxycodone and morphine.”

The trial was scheduled for December 10th.