Protesters outside the State Capitol in Salt Lake City are forcing the building to be evacuated

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune). A small mass of Trump protesters will gather with signs, flags and weapons in the capital on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

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15:20: The mass of pro-Trump protesters outside the Utah State Capitol is estimated to have swelled to 400 as many broke into the “USA, USA, USA!” Songs. on the stairs of the building. A “Recall Romney” was then chanted, referring to the Utah senator, who was one of President Donald Trump’s loudest critics of the attempt to throw out the election result. (Utah has no recall law.) And the crowd also shouted, “Fraud is illegal”.

3.00 p.m. Gail and Larry Tomlinson from Park City attended the meeting in a red Trump cap. “We wanted to show our support for Trump,” Gail Tomlinson said. “We voted for him and we feel like the election is a scam.”

David Damschen, the state treasurer of Utah, said he “did not feel too motivated” to evacuate the Capitol, although: “The Department of Public Safety suggested that the reason they wanted to leave was some of the protesters trying to break the building – he added that since the outbreak of COVID-19, skeletal staff have been working in the office.

Damschen bypassed the front of the Capitol when he set off Wednesday afternoon to watch the assembled protesters. “I really saw some firearms in the crowd,” he said. – But nothing was too alarming.

Auditor General John Dougall said he sent his staff home around 1 p.m.

14:36: Dana Jones, deputy director of the Capitol Conservation Board, said she asked building staff Wednesday afternoon to work from home on the advice of the Utah Highway Patrol and Public Safety Commissioner Jess Anderson.

He described it “rather as a precaution,” he said, adding that it was not an evacuation.

The Metropolitan Patrol, which is responsible for the security of the Capitol, has confirmed its presence at the building just to be safe, says a spokesman for Lieutenant Nicholas Street.

He called the protesters “very peaceful” but said the agency had gathered information that had been “bad actors” in the past. “We just hope they stay peaceful,” Street said.

Although the governor’s staff was ordered to leave the building, lawmakers and staff remained at the site of the Capitol complex in preparation for the upcoming legislative session. The Senate Republican Representative Board remained in session most of the day, as did many of the support staff.

Senators at these meetings did not want to comment on the protests outside, saying they trusted the Department of Public Security to warn them if there was an imminent danger.

The Republican House was also in full-day election, but they met at the University of Utah.

14:28 THE The Salt Lake Tribune photographer was sprinkled with pepper by people and annoyed that he had documented the protest in the Capitol State of Utah.

14:18: Some lawmakers continued to work at the Capitol, reducing the sense of danger posed by the protest.

“The Utah State Capitol was not evacuated at 1:38 p.m. I don’t expect that to happen. We’re still working hard, ”Senator Daniel Thatcher of R-West Valley City tweeted.

But the new governor, Deidre Henderson, replied that “the offices of the governor and the governor’s lieutenant sent the staff home.”

14:00: At the Utah Capitol demonstration, one of the speakers boasted that he was not wearing a face mask and was being cheered by protesters.

– There are no masks! – cries out the rapporteur when the rapporteur called for protective equipment, urging health officials to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a symbol of communism.

The man near the street in front of the Capitol shouted the passing vehicles with a megaphone: “Four more years for Donald J. Trump.”

Signs on the Capitol said, “Stop the theft!” and “Trump won!”

13:45: The mass of Trump-Party protesters at the Utah Capitol was estimated at around 250 on Wednesday afternoon as staff inside had to evacuate.

A megaphone speech addressed the crowd from the stairs, reiterating unproven allegations of election theft, saying, “We need to stand up and make sure our legislators are fully aware that this is a nation of laws.”

The rapporteur called on the protesters to contact 10 friends so that they could get ten times as many people there. He asked, “Do you think we’ll see Biden as president?” “No!” the crowd shouted back.

Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson tweeted that Governor Spencer Cox had told staff to go home.

13:27: Some employees evacuated the building in downtown Salt Lake City by 2 p.m., Wednesday, while outside Trump party protests intensified.

A spokesman for Governor Spencer Cox said he remained inside the building while other employees inside the building were ordered.

A crowd with Trump flags and signs labeled “Stop the Steal” gathered the moment the U.S. Capitol was violated by protesters, the president kicked him up, disrupting the Electoral College’s vote count.

The crowd grew and some worked harder and harder. Half a dozen protesters in contact with the Proud Boys carried bats and weapons, and the rest of the crowd was equipped with radios, body armor, and firearms.

The protests forced the evacuation to some other state capitals as President Donald Trump told supporters he had not survived the fight to remain in office after the defeat of President-elect Joe Biden.