Proud boys suspect they do not plead guilty to rioting in the Capitol despite the video

Two Proud Boy members named as suspects in the January 6 capitol riot, despite a widespread video on social media that put both men on the scene, pleaded guilty to the crime.

Dominic Pezzola (43) and William Pepe, 31, both members of the far-right extremist group, plead guilty to conspiracy charges and interference in Capitol defense officers, USA Today wrote.

Pezzola and Pepe are also said to have led a group of disruptors who supported the former President TrumpDonald TrumpDOJ is demanding the resignation of most U.S. lawyers appointed by Trump: Trump’s lawyer is withdrawing his request not to hold a prosecution lawsuit on Saturday. Kinzinger on Saturday called on GOP senators to convict Trump in prosecution proceedings to the Capitol, and removed the metal barricades so that more people could enter.

Court documents also state that Pezzola “tore off the officer’s assault shield while the officer was physically in contact with people who had illegally gathered at the Capitol’s West Plaza,” USA Today writes.

“Pezzola is seen in a video that was widely distributed and broke the window of the U.S. Capitol with this riot shield,” prosecutors said.

Both men are members of the Proud Boys, and many more have to be indicted after others stormed the Capitol last month.

On Monday, a federal judge released the head of the Proud Boys, Ethan Nordean, who is being charged with rioting in the Capitol before the trial.