PS5 fans give the consoles fantastic custom painting work

The PlayStation 5 is predominantly white with two winding panels in the main black box. Visually, it is quite striking and shows a huge departure from the brand’s previous designs. As expected, not everyone is a fan of the white outer shell and they take matters into their own hands.

The white panels are easy to remove, primarily so you can upgrade your SSD storage in the future. However, there are those who provide a color makeover to their PS5 by taking off their sides and painting them, no matter how much they like them. Others also customize DualSense controls. Some of the results look great, and we’ve put some here to get an idea:

There are many more examples if you are interested in them. Of course, many people simply make the panels black. It remains to be seen whether Sony will offer official alternative colors, but for us, that’s not a problem. Have you changed the look of the PS5 or are you happy with the white and black colors? Tell us in the comments section below.