Raimondo becomes the forefront of the HHS secretary

Lujan Grisham, who is currently co-chair of Biden’s transition team, was a senior candidate for the HHS secretariat, but has also declined an offer to lead the Home Office in recent days, according to two sources close to the transition.

“It’s a better fit, and there’s his interest and heart,” a person close to Lujan Grisham said of the desire to lead the HHS instead of the Home Office. “You can’t blame me for being sincere about your true passion.”

Yet, according to a source close to the transition, the rejection violates the designation of other jobs in the administration, including the HHS secretary. Wednesday’s news, which portrays Lujan Grisham as the forefront of the HHS secretariat, also didn’t fit well with people on Biden’s career, although there is no evidence that Lujan Grisham played a role in these stories.

Lujan Grisham’s spokesman declined to comment. Biden’s transition team also didn’t comment immediately.