Rand Paul Sparks strikes back with counting “anomaly”

Rand Paul has been criticized for suggesting that “fraud” may be the reason Donald Trump lost Joe Biden in key election states due to “data blocks” that occurred during the five-hour period.

Senator Kentucky tweeted about controversial allegations of voter fraud in a long blog post titled “Voting Disorders and Their Impact on Elections 2020.”

The post questioned why President Biden was elected “voting spikes” in Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia on November 4 in the early hours, as well as suggesting “statistically anomalies” in other states and questioning other voting results that were “unusually high.” / Trump ratio “.

Biden defeats Trump in several key states with mass counting of mail and ballots preference the Democratic candidate. Trump often complained about the election volt he was “cheated” as a result of unproven mass voter fraud.

“Interesting … Trump’s 4 defeat ‘defeat’ differences in 4 storage occurred between 1:34 and 6:31,” Rand tweeted. “Statistical anomaly? Fraud? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself. (That is, if Big Tech allows you to read this.)”

Twitter soon marked Paul’s tweet about election fraud with controversial information.

Paul was convicted on social media for sharing misinformation and claiming that anything that was detrimental to the counting of Biden votes, which led to Trump’s early leadership in these states, was a fraud.

“Rand Paul is an idiot? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself,” the Lincoln Project tweeted in the Republican PAC. standing Among Trump’s critics.

“Or … what if all the votes coming early that morning were mail from big, deep blue cities? Because that was exactly it. I was watching CNN. Every time a big dump came in, the numbers and percentages were announced,” Ed added. Greenberger. – It’s over. Ready.

Writer Jenna Quigley tweeted: “GOP:” You can say that you can’t start counting the votes of postal attendants and absentees until the polls are over, even though we will have a huge amount of postal and absentee votes historically.

“Also GOP:” Why was the number of votes high after Biden after the election in these states ended on election day? “

Journalist and radio David Shuster tweeted: “These” repositories “come from urban / African American districts.” Anomaly “would have been if Biden ‘s turnout was not 9-10. @RandPaul, if you want these districts to report votes earlier, maybe give them the election resources they asked for and withheld. “

Rand was contacted to comment.

Trump continues to argue that Biden’s election victory is unjustified because of mass voter fraud and unfounded allegations of illegal voting. Several lawsuits were filed against Trump for failing to provide any substantive evidence in support of his allegation.

A recent report by Wisconsin Dane County and a Milwaukee County – requested by Trump’s team at a cost of $ 3 million – also meant that Biden made a net profit of 87 votes in the state in which it had already been declared the winner.

Rand Paul,
U.S. Senator Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, will arrive for the weekly Senate Republican Lunch on Capitol Hill in Washington on November 10, 2020. The Kentucky senator was criticized for tweeting about controversial allegations of voter fraud that appeared in a long blog. post.