Recharge the PS5 for Cyber ​​Monday: When and where to buy the next generation game console

Cyber ​​Monday continues the hunt for the PlayStation 5. Find out when Walmart, Sony, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and other retailers are planning their next set.

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Cyber ​​Monday is the next chance for most people to get a PlayStation 5 console or digital edition. For many retailers, Cyber ​​Monday sales begin on Sunday, November 29, and are part of a multi-day sale that begins on Black Friday.

Finding the PS5 has been difficult since its November 12 launch, with retailers like Walmart selling the new stock online within minutes. Walmart was transparent about the timing of the release of the new shares, and the last big drop, on November 25 at 9 p.m. According to posts posted on Twitter and Facebook, many anxious shoppers have been given the possibility of errors and slow loading at checkout, even with the PS5 in their cart. Currently, Walmart has not announced recharge times, but when they do, this article will be updated with the latest information.

There are two versions of the PS5. There is a $ 400 digital model only and a $ 500 console version. The only difference between the two is that the console edition includes an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc drive that allows you to use PS5 Blu-ray Disc games and PS4 Blu-ray Disc games, as well as video on a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player. ray and standard Blu-ray players. rays and DVDs.

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Sony PS5 queue for direct purchase

Buying a PS5 directly from Sony is a definite option as they are also recharged regularly. The inventory is assembled when the inventory is available, and this gives an approximate waiting time (usually “more than an hour”) and allows you to enter the shopping area as soon as the time comes. It actually happened to me once, and of course I was away from my laptop and missed my chance after being on the digital line for about 90 minutes. But it arrives, even with a “more than an hour” of waiting time. So there is hope.

PlayStation posted this message to their fans on Twitter to inform them about the recharge:

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Image: Twitter

Cyber ​​on Monday where to buy PS5

The key to buying a PS5 is to constantly check for available sites and update the site regularly. Best Buy often sold out, but several times gave me an “Open Box” option for the set. It disappeared as quickly as others grabbed the available stock, but it was there. So someone grabbed one. The last time I saw this was on November 25th, so recently.

With that in mind, here are the places to look for PS5 Cyber ​​on Monday. Retailers like GameStop offer PS5 console or digital edition packages paired with controllers and games for about $ 800 and sell them quickly. They’ve been replenished for Black Friday, so it’s worth checking out to try to catch one on Cyber ​​Monday.

Target offers the PS5 for online ordering and store pick-up, so it’s a good idea to check the site regularly to see if local stores have added new stock. Don’t forget to check out Walmart regularly as well. And Amazon, too. The retailer will show you a recharge, and sometimes through third parties who pay a price, but you may be lucky and find the usual retail price.

Use these direct links to go to the retail pages for the PlayStation 5 digital edition and console version:

Best buy: PS5 console and PS5 Digital Edition

Amazon: PS5 console and PS5 Digital Edition

GameStop: PS5 console and PS5 Digital Edition

Target: PS5 console and PS5 Digital Edition

Walmart: PS5 console and PS5 Digital Edition

Wireless earphones, charging station, HD camera and media remote control for PS5

There are also a number of new accessories for the PS5. Sony has developed a new black and white DualSense wireless controller that matches the color scheme of the PS5. There’s also a PULSE 3D wireless headset, a DualSense charging station, an HD camera and a media remote control. They are already available and available at retailers nationwide.

This article is updated regularly with the latest information on PS5 sales.

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