Recount justified; there is no evidence of voter fraud

The election results were confirmed

MADISON, Wis. – The Dane County Canvassers Board confirmed the election results on Sunday, concluding the county recount.

President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner in Dane County.

The final result of the recount was reduced by 91 votes for Biden, from 260,185 to 260,094. In addition, President Donald Trump was reduced by 46 votes and his vote was changed from 78,800 to 78,754. Essentially, in Dane County, Trump won 45 votes in Biden, but still follows the state with more than 20,000 votes.

The votes excluded were those that lacked the signature or title of the voter or witness, according to the Danish county clerk.


After eight days of counting, Dane County election officials completed the counting of ballot papers on Saturday night. County clerk Scott McDonell said they still have to meet on Sunday to reconcile some of the district information and have their details ready for verification.

The Dane County recount process was open to the public and was broadcast online.

McDonell said there is no evidence of voter fraud.

The Milwaukee County Electoral Council validated its election results Friday night. President Biden’s election leadership grew 132 votes after Milwaukee County election officials counted more than 450,000 votes.

Wisconsin counties have until Tuesday to verify their results.