Recount of the President of Wisconsin on Day 4, with few changes

MADISON, WIS. (AP) – Wisconsin’s partial presidential recount came on Day 4 on Monday, with very little change in the total of votes as President Donald Trump’s lawyers seemed to focus on a legal challenge and want to throw tens of thousands of ballots, including votes. campaign lawyer.

Democrat Joe Biden won the state by about 20,600 votes and had a 2: 1 difference in Milwaukee and Dane counties. It’s the only county where Trump has paid to recalculate.

Trump’s lawyers objected to counting the missing votes where voters consider themselves “indefinitely closed”; where the information on the certification envelope is displayed in two different ink colors, indicating that a polling worker may have helped fill it out; and in the absence of a separate written record of which all personally absent ballot papers would have been requested.

These votes were counted in the recount, but could have been targeted as part of Trump’s legal challenge.

Rejecting the vote, as requested by Trump’s campaign, would result in Trump’s Wisconsin attorney, Jim Troupis, not counting the vote, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Troupis, a former Dane County judge, voted early on the state’s personal absence along with his wife. They both listed exhibits that Troupis presented to the Dane County Canvassers Board on Sunday that Trump’s campaign voted illegally.

Troupis did not respond immediately to a text message on Monday asking for a comment.

Scott McDonell, a Danish county official, said on Monday that almost 25% of the recount had taken place in that county, with nearly 83,000 ballots counted out of more than 345,000 votes cast. What has been reported so far in both counties has shown only a few votes change from those reported on election night.

“It seems to be accelerating,” McDonell said of the recount. “We’re a little behind schedule, but not far behind.”

Milwaukee County hopes to succeed on Wednesday, but due to delays caused by objections from Trump fans the work is expected to be closer to the December 1 completion deadline.


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