Remove Donald Trump from office with amendment 25

U.S. MP Charlie Crist on Wednesday called for the removal of President Donald Trump during office hours after the president’s supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol in a chaotic takeover of the country’s legislative power.

“Amendment 25 allows for the removal of the president,” tweeted the St. Petersburg Democrat. – It’s time to remove the president.

Amendment 25 to the U.S. Constitution says that a majority of the vice president and cabinet members may declare that the president is “incapable of performing the powers and duties of the office”. In such a scenario, the vice president, Mike Pence, would be called the presidency. He was never used to remove a president against his will.

U.S. lawyer Al Lawson, another Florida Democrat, also called for Trump to be removed Tallahassee Democrat.

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Crist sent the tweet in moments after Trump posted a video late Wednesday on insurgents at the U.S. Capitol and those who had overtaken the exterior of the building. In his remarks, Trump continued to pierce the flames of the uprising by falsely insisting that the election was stolen and that he won “on the ground,” although he asked his supporters to “go home” peacefully.

Trump’s last words to the crowd — which damaged Congress halls, attacked police, and forced Vice President Mike Pence to evacuate — were, “We love it. You are very special.

The violence on Capitol Hill occurred when Congress met to justify the outcome of the election. Trump’s Republican allies in both chambers coordinated the prevention of Joe Biden’s victory as the president, his children and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, encouraged the crowd near the National Mall.

Crist previously worked as a Republican as the 44th governor of Florida and was once friendly with Trump. The former real estate magnate and reality TV presenter ran a fundraiser for Crist at the Trump Tower in Manhattan. Trump once called Cristus a “special guy”.