Representative Jamie Raskin links accountability to personal tragedy

WASHINGTON (AP) – The congressman’s voice trailed off and he stopped to drink a bottle of water while saying he apologized to his daughter for taking her to the American Capitol the day a deadly crowd ruled over her.

But he recalled what he had said to her after making sure nothing like that was happening again, which interrupted Maryie Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin.

“He said, ‘Dad, I don’t want to come back to the Capitol,'” Raskin said softly, squeezing his nose and shaking his head to clear the tears. “Of the horrible, brutal things I’ve seen and heard that day and since, this has struck me the most.”

Raskin, 58, a former professor of constitutional law, is leading the prosecution process Former President Donald Trump is accused of inciting the Capitol siege last month to overthrow the election he lost to Democrat Joe Biden. Five people died as a result of the uprising. Trump is the first president to be prosecuted after leaving office and the first to be charged twice.

Although the dismissal is likely due to Senate Republicans remaining loyal to the ex-president, the process has significantly raised Raskin’s national profile as the Democrat accountability leader. Based on a shameful account of the disruptors besieging one of the leading symbols of American democracy on Tuesday in their own lives.

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Raskin’s 25-year-old son, Tommy, a Harvard law student, and his father alma mater, killed himself on New Year’s Eve after years of fighting depression and were buried on Tuesday the next day. Raskin’s adult daughter, Tabitha, and her son-in-law, Hank, were escorted to the Capitol the next day, January 6, when the riots released her rampage.

Raskin recalled whether the couple would be safe with him if Trump encouraged his fans to come to Washington to settle the then president’s unfounded demands. that he lost the November presidential election due to fraud. Of course they would be safe, ”Raskin recalled the answer because“ this is the Capitol ”.

Trump’s fraud application was denied several times, including by Republican judges who ruled that the lawsuits had no evidence. But on Jan. 6, Trump encouraged his followers to march into the Capitol and “fight hell”.

The mob eventually broke into the building, and Raskin described that lawmakers on the floor of the house were instructed to put on gas masks. “And then there was a sound I will never forget, the sound of a knock like a ram. The most spooky voice I’ve ever heard and I’ll never forget, ”he said.

Raskin said his daughter and son-in-law are locked up in a nearby office, hidden under a desk, “which they thought was their final text and whispered phone calls.”

“They thought they were going to die,” he said.

When that was over and the family reunited, Raskin said he had promised his daughter that “it won’t be like this the next time she goes to the Capitol,” just to tell her she has no interest in returning. The congressman said the captain’s police officer was “ruthlessly” his “most memorable memory” and “watching someone use an American flagpole with the flag still on him to do a spear and toss.”

“It can’t be America’s future,” Raskin said with further tears. “Presidents cannot incite and mobilize mass violence against our government and institutions because they refused to accept the will of the people under the United States Constitution.”