Representative Max Rose is launching a discovery offer for the mayor of New York

– Did I work in the hallway to get things done? Absolutely, ”he said, focusing on those“ in need of action today ”. – If you have a problem with this, sue. And you know what? You can choose from 30 other candidates. “

Mr. Rose, who was the first member of Congress to approve the presidential candidacy of former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, already seems to be recalibrating his message. In the interview, he did not say whether he wanted Mr. Bloomberg’s approval; highlighted previous criticisms of stop-and-frisk policing tactics; and was asked to name the best mayor of his life, David N. Dinkins suggested.

Nevertheless, running from the center may resonate with some New Yorkers who are alerted by the shooting attack; is worried about businesses leaving and are simply less ideological today, given the city’s struggles. But Mr. Rose would also compete for these voters: Raymond J. McGuire, a long-time executive of Wall Street, has attracted the support of many centrist business leaders, a sign of how competitive each pre-selection bar will be. (Mr. Israel, a relatively moderate man who does not live in the city but intends to contribute financially, also supports Mr. McGuire.)

Then there is the issue of identity.

This year, when issues of police brutality and racism tore through the fabric of the city and colored communities were disproportionately plagued by the virus and its aftermath, many New Yorkers would love to see a colorful mayor. A varied table of candidates will be launched, including Mr. Adams; Mr. McGuire; Maya D. Wiley, former Mr. Blasio’s attorney; and Dianne Morales, former executive director of the nonprofit social services group.

“I think a colorful person is best suited for this moment,” said Leah D. Daughtry, a Democratic strategist at the Democratic Party who has close ties to New York politics. Asked about Mr. Rose, he said, “I don’t know.”

Mr. Rose, who gave her his last floor speech in Congress, in part to combat racial injustice, he said it would be his “No. 1 responsibility ”if you need to build a different campaign and potential administration. But you know you have some introductions.

He recently met with Respect for Al Sharpton, one of the prominent civil rights leaders, who called Mr. Rose diligent and “fiery” and said Mr. Rose “gives excitement to the campaign”.

But even as he progressed, Mr. Rose said he “intends to listen rather than talk”.