Republican congressman tells GOP ’embarrassing’, calls on party to abandon Trump’s ‘conspiracy theories’

Illinois Republican MP Adam Kinzinger has called on the Republican National Commission to “resign” conspiracy theories backed by lawyers working on President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, held a press conference on Thursday with attorney Sidney Powell, about whom the president enthusiastically announced he would join his legal team. Powell and Giuliani have raised a series of completely unfounded conspiracy theories that suggest Venezuela, the Clinton Foundation, billionaire George Soros, China, and the country’s larger cities have teamed up to prevent Trump’s re-election with widespread election fraud. No evidence was provided to support the bizarre allegations.

After the press conference, the GOP’s official Twitter account shared a video clip of Powell’s speech. The caption told the lawyer, “We’re not going to intimidate … Now we’re going to clean up this mess. President Trump won by a landslide. We’ll prove it. And get the United States back. America for the people voting for freedom.”

In a Monday post, Kinzinger, who has already congratulated President-elect Joe Biden, unlike many Republican colleagues, slapped the GOP clip again, criticizing his political party. “Now would be a great time to condemn this, @GOP, for how embarrassing it is. Our party needs to be better than credible to these mentally ill conspiracy theories,” he wrote.

Newsweek turned to the RNC for comment, but it did not respond immediately.

After significant criticism from Powell and Giuliani, the Trump campaign issued a statement from attorney Giuliani and Jenna Ellis Trump on Sunday that tried to distance the campaign from Powell.

“Sidney Powell is exercising the right alone,” Giuliani and Ellis said in an official statement. “He’s not a member of the Trump Legal Team. He’s not a personal lawyer for the president either.”

But just over a week earlier, Trump made a positive statement about Powell joining his legal team as they continue to make unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud.

“I look forward to Mayor Giuliani leading the legal effort to defend our RIGHT TO FREE AND FAIRING ELECTIONS! Rudy Giuliani, Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, a really great team, added our other wonderful attorneys in November!” tweeted on.

Geraldo Rivera, a great Fox News correspondent who calls Trump a personal friend, strongly criticized Giulian and Powell in a Sunday interview with Fox News Media Buzz. “I felt very embarrassed when another old friend of mine, Rudy Giuliani, and his team, Sidney Powell, and others noticed at a strange-looking and torn press conference that raised concerns about the other side of the moon as far as I was concerned,” he said. Rivera.

Chris Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey who helped Trump prepare for the September debate against Joe Biden, also called on the president’s legal team. “Honestly, the content of the president’s legal team was a national mess,” Christie told ABC News. This week Sunday.

Kinzinger, days after the November 3 election, publicly expressed his skepticism about Trump’s voter fraud. “We want all votes to be counted, yes, all legal votes (of course). But if you have legitimate concerns about fraud, let us prove the evidence and take it to court. STOP Spreading misinformation … It’s going crazy.” the Republican legislature tweeted.

Adam Kinzinger
Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois) on Capitol Hill, Sept. 16. On Monday, he called on the Republican Party to reject the Trump campaign’s “conspiracy theories” about voter fraud.

While most GOP lawmakers have listened or rejected the disapproval of the false claims of the Trump campaign, many Republicans have argued that the results of the 2020 election are clear. Senator Pat Toomey, a Pennsylvania Republican, was just the fifth GOP senator to congratulate Biden on Saturday, saying Trump had “exhausted all acceptable legal options” to dispute the election results in his state.

Republican senators Mitt Romney, Utah, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, Susan Collins, Maine and Ben Sasse, Nebraska, previously congratulated Biden. On Monday, Senator Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican, published an article The Cincinnati Interested explaining that Trump clearly lost the election – though he did not congratulate Biden.

“Based on all the information currently available, neither the final legal vote count nor the recount led to any other result in any state. In other words, the initial determination that Joe Biden has enough election votes to win has not changed,” Portman wrote.