Republican retires after Tweet accuses him of GOP colleagues in ‘corrupt election’

Virginia Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman cut back on a Saturday tweet accusing him and 10 other GOP politicians of being “responsible” for the “corrupt election” President Donald Trump lost.

The meme shows a photo with a large blank board on it. “Corrupt old Joe is a tool! His media associates are hiding his voter fraud,” stands next to “Stop the Steal” and “We will win.”

Next to the picture, the person in charge of the @ ckkirsch1 Twitter manager wrote, “We know that it’s not just the media that are responsible for corrupt elections. So you all, too. Represent honesty,” before the 11 politicians were labeled.

Riggleman responded that many similar posts had emerged since the election and that he was “proud to be on this list with my esteemed colleagues,” many of whom agreed that President-elect Joe Biden had won the November 3 election, or he called for a peaceful transition of power from the Trump government to Biden.

“Based on data analysis, the use of facts and common sense, we were called ‘traitors’.” – Riggleman tweeted. “It’s time for a GOP that represents the core of America, not the manic fringes.”

Riggleman said earlier that Republicans must respect the election results and not argue against them. “This cannot be reversed. This election is over.” he said in an interview.

The other politicians tagged by @ ckkirsch1 were Maine Senator Susan Collins; Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State of Georgia; Illinois housekeeper Jim Durkin; John Shimkus, Illinois Congressman; Francis Rooney, Florida Congressman; Adam Kinzinger, Member of Congress for Illinois; Michigan Congressman Paul Mitchell; Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon; John Curtis Utah Congressman; and Alaskan Member of Congress Don Young.

Among the Republican politicians tagged by the Twitter user, they made similar remarks about a smooth transfer of power, allowing Trump, or simply acknowledging Biden’s next president.

Some of the politicians listed expressed skepticism while accepting Biden as elected president. Curtis said Biden should be recognized as the president-elect in a press release A Salt Lake Tribune.

“I would tell him to take his word for it to be a unifier and a president for everyone, including those who didn’t vote for him,” Curtis said.

Young said he wished Biden a good wish, despite predicting disagreements with him Anchorage Daily News. In an interview with KETV, Bacon also said he disagreed with Biden’s policy, but “we respect the will of the electorate.”

In a statement on Nov. 9, Collins congratulated Biden and stated that he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris “should be given every opportunity to ensure they are ready to govern on Jan. 20.” Similarly, Rooney congratulated Twitter and called on Americans to support the president-elect.

As previously reported, Raffensperger called on Trump in an interview to “leave quietly” after verifying Georgia’s election results.

The three Illinois politicians also acknowledged Biden’s victory. Both Shimkus and Durkin called for a change of power in a Facebook post and interview with them The Chicago Sun Timesill. Kinzinger tweeted congratulations to Biden and Harris on November 7th. He also responded to Riggleman’s tweet, explaining the importance of accepting election results.

“[T]his list is about those who believe in winning or losing, accepting the will of the people. To say that a choice is stolen does not allow it yet. Lies and conspiracies will not work, “he wrote.

Congressman Paul Mitchell also responded to Riggleman’s tweet and expressed pride in standing by his colleagues. The Michigan MP has repeatedly tweeted about starting the transition to power.

The original tweet, to which Riggleman responded, is a good illustration of the growing disillusionment with the Republican party that Trump’s supporters experienced after the election. Similar memes and entries emerged in the weeks following the election.

Newsweek called Riggleman’s DC office and left a message, but there was no proper response to the publication.

Protesters will gather outside the Georgia State Capitol during a “March for Trump” protest against the results of the 2020 presidential election on November 21, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia.
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